Parking tops agenda at Llandaff North & Gabalfa PACT meeting

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The issue of parking by UWIC students on residential streets in the Llandaff North and Gabalfa areas was the hot topic at the local PACT (Police and Community Together) meeting on Tuesday 19th January 2010.

The roads most affected by the parking overflow from the campuses are Station Road, College Road, Western Avenue and Riverview.

Llandaff North councillor Jacqui Hooper, who chaired the meeting, announced that she and councillors from Llandaff North, Llandaff and Cyncoed would be meeting with UWIC on Friday 5th February 2010 to raise the issue.

Residents were told the solutions to the problem could be double yellow lines along some sections of the roads most affected or resident-only parking being put in place.

One resident said: “The roads are becoming so narrow because of the parking, so we now have to park on the pavement otherwise the rubbish collections can’t get through. I do worry that a fire engine wouldn’t be able to get through.”

Residents also worried that a child is going to get hit as the cars are so thickly parked it’s very difficult for drivers to see anyone stepping out in-between cars.

One resident said how they had been abused by a student when they challenged them over parking on a drive.

The resident said: “This student parked in front of the drive next to me, so I went up to them and told them it wasn’t on. They basically told me to **** *** and were extremely rude to me. I phoned the University to complain but heard nothing back.”

Councillor Hooper said that a multi-storey car park looked to be on the cards when UWIC asked for planning permission in August 2009, but nothing has come of it.

One resident raised the issue of 2,000 extra students coming when UWIC’s Colchester Avenue campus closes and a lot of students are transferred to the Llandaff campus. Councillor Hooper said she will raise the issue at the meeting with UWIC.

One female resident asked about guidance on putting cones outside the house to stop people parking, but PCSO Jessica Southam said this was unlikely to be legal.

The crime stats for Llandaff North/Gabalfa from 10th December 2009 to 19th January 2010 showed 69 crimes and 37 arrests.

PCSO Jessica Southam said: “There has been an increase in youth annoyance, mainly due to the snow. Snowballs being thrown at people, cars and shops.”

Residents raised the issues of heavy traffic on Appledore Road as drivers use it as a cut through and the traffic around the Tesco store on Western Avenue as a whole.

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