Birchgrove teenager challenges Wales over kidney register

February 13, 2010 1 Comment »
Welsh rugby stars with Rosie Evans

Welsh rugby stars with Rosie Evans

Waiting is something 14 year old Rosie Evans from Birchgrove hopes she doesn’t get too good at. Later this year she’ll join the transplant waiting list, Rosie is going to need a new kidney.

The Cardiff High Pupil is challenging Wales to beat Scotland off the pitch. Currently Wales lags behind Scotland with just 28 per cent of the population compared to 33 per cent on the register. We all know that we wouldn’t be happy with that sort of score today, so let’s not put up with it off the pitch either. Some of Wales’ leading rugby stars joined Rosie to give the campaign their support as well.

Donate Wales is the Wales wide campaign to persuade more people to join the register. visitors to Cardiff City centre will today find themselves getting asked inside and outside the stadium to level the score with Scotland. Nearly 500 people like Rosie are waiting for a transplant in Wales. Every 11 days someone will die waiting for an organ. It really is a life saving choice that can be made.

You can join the register online, calling 0300 123 23 23 or texting SAVE to 84118

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