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cardiff bay frozen

A frozen Cardiff Bay provided plenty of opportunities for photographers

For my first post I wanted to go out and take fresh pictures around Cardiff, taking full advantage of what it has to offer and really showing off the various scenes. Sadly though today was, surprisingly, one of the few days of rain we have had in a long time, thus foiling my plans.

All was not lost however, since I have taken many different pictures around Cardiff that I can use to my advantage, and because it’s still winter, I could show off at least some of my ice bound and snow capped pictures as well as talk about some of the spectacular opportunities that are out there.

Cardiff has undergone a huge amount of development over the last few years, The Bay, The Hayes even Cardiff Castle has had some redevelopment work, and since Cardiff is famous for its architecture (and in the case of the Bay, somewhat infamous due to some controversy around the WMC building) and with the recent events like the Winter Wonderland, Cardiff had some incredible photographic appeal.

With the winter wonderland, it’s hard not to focus on the spectacular wheel that sits at the front of City Hall (pictured left) adorned with colours and motion, it’s a well photographed spot, especially since it’s an annual attraction. It’s also one of the easier subjects to photograph for amateurs and semi-pro photographers like myself. More than that, it’s an attraction that brings in many people from the surrounding areas.

Speaking of surrounding areas, let’s not forget the numerous parks scattered around the Capital. Thompson Park is a small but popular park in the Canton / Pontcanna area. But it’s the fountain and statue that really captures the imagination of anyone behind the lens. When you’re trying to get photos it can be quite hard to actually find something that inspires you. So when we had the recent snow and ice all I could think was ‘perfect’.

Pictured on the right, this small centrepiece was the perfect source of wonder. The fountain remained mainly undisturbed while the ice formed around the stone. If smaller parks like this were forgotten about, I would never have gotten this shot. It’s also one of the easier shots to take for just about anyone. Thompson Park is also a hot spot for dog walkers, so if statues aren’t your thing, you’re sure to find plenty of four legged friends ready to play for the camera lens.

One of the biggest misconceptions about photography is that it’s tough, and you need the right gear. Whilst to a certain extent this is true, it’s become easier for anyone with a cheap £99 digital compact to take stunning pictures, and part of this blog is not only to show just what photos are around Cardiff, but how easy they are to find and shoot.

Perhaps one of the best places for any new or seasoned photographer to start is Cardiff Bay, I should know, it’s where I started and one of my favourite places to go when I want to take pictures. At the very front of the Bay is the entrance to the Oval Basin, and the fountain that fronts it. Thanks to the recent cold weather we also got some beautiful golden skies to front them, images like the one to the left really shows off the way the water is thrown against the backdrop of the sky. It really is a beautiful introduction to Cardiff Bay.

Cardiff has a lot to offer, and more opportunities than you could possibly imagine, that’s why I’m going to leave Cardiff Bay to its own blog post.
Since you have the opportunity to comment, why not share some of your stories of photographic discovery? Perhaps even share any little spots you may have found. Until then, I’ll leave you with one last image that will hopefully inspire you to go around Cardiff with a Camera.

You can view more of my images from Cardiff and other areas by clicking here

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