Youth annoyance problems in Riverside

March 16, 2010 3 Comments »

Persistent youth annoyance problems are blighting the lives of residents in Riverside as they came to the Riverside PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meeting to complain.

One resident, who has lived at Canton Court, Riverside, for 28 years, said: “This has gone on for years. We phone the 101 service but they will not take action unless the youths are actually doing something.

“I’d like to see 101 being more aware to our problem and identifying who these youths are.”

Another resident explained that the youths were running down gullies in the area and jumping on garages. He had asked the youths to stop but had then been subject to abuse and had stones thrown at his house.

Wendy Payne, Police frontline support officer for Riverside, said: “We have put 37 anti-social behaviour referals in place but it’s time for us to step these up. We’ve got five youths being taken to an anti-social behaviour contracts. The conditions will mean that these youths will meet with the chief inspector and if they abuse the conditions we can arrest them.”

Residents also questioned Councillors Mohammed Islam and Jaswad Singh about what is being done for young people in the area to keep them off the streets.

Coun Islam pointed out the great work that the South Riverside Warehouse was doing for young people and all the youth projects it was running. He also revealed that the youths causing the problems, according to police intelligence, indicated the youths were not from the Riverside area.

The issue of parking in the Riverside and Pontcanna areas was also raised and residents expressed their anger at a lack of enforcement.

Resident Peter Cox said: “What is the point in having 8 AM – 10 PM resident-only parking if the traffic wardens aren’t working those hours?”

Residents identified Kings Road and Lower Cathedral Road as particularly bad for parking.

PC Dan Wyatt responded with figures for parking tickets issued since 21st January 2010. 186 tickets had been issued in Pontcanna and 212 in Riverside.

Councillor Mohammed Islam explained that he hoped the problem would be reduced in the summer when Cardiff Council took control of parking enforcement.

The PACT meeting was held at the Cinnamon Tree restaurant on Monday 15th March 2010, it was due to be held at St Catherine’s Church Hall on Kings Road but the venue was being used for filming by S4C.

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  1. JRayne March 16, 2010 at 10:47 am - Reply

    Amusingly, I bet the meeting being held on Kings Road also caused further parking problems in the area! (by those who didn't walk).

    Events at St. Catherine's Church Hall are one of the major problems for parking in the immediate area, also are football matches, Millennium Stadium events and city workers parking during the day. I'm sure the latter also affect the rest of the Riverside area badly too.

  2. @ed_walker86 March 16, 2010 at 1:41 pm - Reply

    I had trouble parking for one. It wasn't helped by the S4C film crew having three/four giant vans taking up all the parking spaces in the St Catherine's car park! Have you submitted it as a parking hot spot: <a href="…” target=”_blank”>

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