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March 19, 2010 2 Comments »

After nearly five years away from stand-up it must be tough for Chris Addison to return to the stage.

Despite the Oxbridge, middle England, accent, he was a Radyr boy for a short while and threw in a few local references for the crowd.

The star of In The Loop and The Thick Of It saved his political comedy for the second half of the show and that was when it really got going.

Addison rips into the English middle classes and despises the Daily Mail, destroying his own very middle class upbringing in the process. He describes his time at an all-boys school as a torturous process, particularly when put into a class for sports lessons.

The second half of the show saw Addison make destructive observations about the right-wing press and play out the scenario of a BNP conference, with Addison playing all parts including that of a Nick Griffin trying to moderate the audience.

Keeping the politics to a minimum was probably a good idea for the show, and Addison was finding his flow – explaining his insecurities about sex, and trying to repress both his admiration and seemingly equal confusion over women, and their ability to always be right, throughout the show with various one liners and scenario skits.

It’s good to see Addison away from the TV screen and what it shows is a comedian who is bursting with ideas, observations and someone who understands the challenges facing an over-connected and over-worked Britain.

He knows and understands the pain of your full inbox, your crap wi-fi signal and he’s technologically savvy. Addison is a great British talent and needs to keep himself on the stand-up circuit more and away from the television. He might be Olly Reader to many, but as Chris Addison he’s his repressed, angry and middle class best.

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  1. BPx March 19, 2010 at 1:51 pm - Reply

    Hello! Sorry to be pernickety but I'm pretty sure Chris Addison hasn't had five years away from stand up. I saw him headline two gigs in London last year and his last tour came to the Glee either last year or in 2008.

  2. Jay March 31, 2010 at 10:44 am - Reply

    Not being pernickety, it´s fact-checking.

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