St Mary Street Sainsbury’s gives Remploy recruits six new jobs

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sainsburys remploy staff

Duty Manager Katrina Belstone, front, with new recruits (from l-r) Colin Jarvis, Leon Reynolds, Kevin Treblecock and Mark Gilder

The new Sainsbury’s store on St Mary Street has recruited six new staff through the Remploy recruitment agency.

32 jobs have been created in total by the opening of the branch and duty manager Katrina Belstone is delighted with how the new employees are doing.

She said: “We’ve been really impressed, they’re all doing well. They are always on time, use their common sense and are a pleasure to work with.

“The best thing is that it gives them a boost and shows that there are places you can get jobs and find work.”

One of the new starters, Leon Reynolds, just turned 22, said: “My favourite part of the store to work in is the Food 2 Go and the bakery. I like that it’s all fresh. It’s a brilliant place to work.”

Kevin Treblecock, who is getting back into work after suffering a heart attack, said: “I want to get into management once I’m fully recovered and Sainsbury’s have said there are opportunities for that. I’m enjoying working again.”

Colin Jarvis, who had been unemployed for 13 months, said: “I’m finding it very interesting and it’s a friendly team. There’s a nice atmosphere here.”

Carol Harris, Remploy Cardiff account manager, said: “We’ve found Sainsbury’s to be really accomodating. They’ve given people extra time and made adjustments for people’s needs and circumstances. All the new employees seem to be enjoying it, they are well treated and always smiling.”

Remploy works to gives those with disabilities or who have been long-term unemployed a fresh start.

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