Something in the air in Cardiff? Ah, it’s the South Wales derby

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So there’s something in the Cardiff air according to today’s Echo?

What is it I hear you say (Well I don’t actually hear you, this is a blog-in-progress without any comments yet, but stick with me)?

The perspiration from thousands of office workers bashing their keys on their last day chained to the desk before the long weekend?

The befuddlement of Cardiffians taking longer than Mr Benn to get ready for the day ahead, the unpredictable weather leaving them unsure whether to wear flip-flops or snow boots?

Well it could be either of those things, but it’s not.

It’s the south Wales derby this weekend. The Bluebirds V The Jacks. And according to  Andy Legg, a legend on both sides of the divide, “you can almost feel the tension around you as Saturday gets nearer.”

And the blond bombshell (who, in a certain light looks a bit like Toad off Super Mario) is right.

You can feel the tension in the air; it is the biggest one for a long, long time (apart from last year’s which was the first one in a decade, so not just the biggest in a long, long time, but the only one in a long, long time).

On my lunchtime wander around Cardiff city centre you could see that Legg’s emotion forecast was ringing true.

The talk at the traffic lights on Westgate Street was about whether City’s in-form livewire winger Chris Burke would be fit to terrorise the Jacks after his hamstring injury in Tuesday’s heroic win against Leicester (he won’t be according to  Wales Online).

The two blokes on the table next to us in the Christian cafe on Windsor Place (it’s Easter, it seemed like the place to be) were discussing the relative merits of full-backs Tony Capaldi and Mark Kennedy over tuna mayo toasties (the verdict= they have none).

And the chavs in Liverpool shirts who roamed up and down Queen Street didn’t seem too bothered, but if I were a betting man I’d stick a fiver on Swansea boss Paulo Sousa’s magnificent greying mane growing legs and dancing the can-can in the trippy plant food fuelled visions that seemed to envelop them.

Cardiff and Swansea are riding high in this year’s Championship, with both teams standing a genuine chance of making the lottery of the end of season play-offs with their Sliding Doors-style alternate endings of promotion to the Premiership or crying on the telly whilst wearing a silly jester’s hat.

Expect the tension to be relieved one way or the other when they meet on Saturday. Up the City!

This is a guest post by Daniel Tyte who is a local blogger and Cardiff City Fan

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