Cameron sticks up Grangetown Cash and Carry

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david cameron grangetown cash and carry

David Cameron and the Conservative Party 'Battle Bus' invade a Grangetown Cash & Carry

If I said to you the words ‘David Cameron’, ‘cash and carry’ and ‘Grangetown’ you wouldn’t expect the sentence to also include the words ‘was at a’, ‘in’ and ‘yesterday’ would you?

Let me just un-jumble that for you. Yes, the man you’d probably more associate with Waitrose was at a cash and carry in Cardiff’s Grangetown suburb last night.

An incongruity like this can only mean one thing folks, the election is here. The gloves are off and the fingernails are dirty.

The fact the ‘Time For Change’ bus rolled into Cardiff on day two of the campaign shows the importance the Conservatives are putting on seats they see as winnable in the Welsh capital.

Cameron came to town to address an audience of businesspeople on what the main parties see as the big issue this election; the economy.

Upon trying to enter the industrial unit, the Tory muscle asked me for ID twice, taking my mind back to days trying to blag into nightclubs aged 15.

Having remembered my date of birth and star-sign and with the nervousness of getting past the bouncers subsided, any initial dubiousness on the venue fell by the wayside when I saw the good deals on offer (A giant box of Pringles for how much?!).

All thoughts of doing a big shop were lost when a Tory aide plucked me from the frozen food aisle to sit in the front row of the circle of arranged seats.

Seconds later and D-Cam was centre stage a mere foot from me. The flashlights and TV cameras started whirring and flashing and for an hour I felt like I was at the heart of the biggest news story in town.

It was then I noticed that I was wearing a red tie.  The tweed jackets opposite me gave me disapproving looks. I felt like Agent White Rabbit.

So what did he say? Well just as you’d expect really; lots of talk of the National Insurance breaks, a focus on green technology to reinvigorate manufacturing and engineering industries, a call to get behind WAG and mentor schemes for entrepreneurs.

The rhetoric was mostly lapped up by a sympathetic audience. And for those of us there who weren’t fully paid-up members of the Tory party, at least there weren’t half some bargains to be had.

Welsh seats will be vital to this election. And the fact Cameron was in Cardiff on day two shows his party is acutely aware of that.

Watch out visits from Brown and Clegg over the coming weeks. If anyone can trump Cameron for a stranger meeting venue, I’ll eat my red tie.

This is a guest post by Daniel Tyte who is a local blogger and Cardiff City Fan

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