Election 2010 debate for young people

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With the election right around the corner, the Welsh Centre of International Affairs (WCIA) is hosting the Young Professionals Network ‘Question Time’, an event where young professionals and students will have the opportunity to question Welsh political figures on their positions on contemporary international issues.

On Thursday, the 29th of April, at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff, members from Plaid Cymru, the Conservative party, the Liberal Democrats, the Labour Party, the Green Party and the United Kingdom Independence Party (Leanne Wood, Christopher Salmon, Jenny Wilmott, Jenny Rathbone, Sam Coates and David Bevan) will convene to articulate their views and plans to the young Welsh electorate on important international issues such as climate change, international development, peace and security and aid.

The aim of the event is to engage young voters with issues they are passionate about and to inform them which party best represents their concerns on international issues as well as to provide enthusiastic young citizens a chance to directly voice their views and questions to the politicians and receive answers.

Those interested in attending the event can confirm their attendance via the WCIA’s Facebook page

If anyone attending wishes to raise a question and spark off a debate amongst the politicians, they should send in their questions in advance to: Naomi Blight (Programme Co-ordinator) at NaomiBlight@wcia.org.uk or 029 20228549

The event will kick off at 7pm and last until 9 pm. So, if you have a burning question on international affairs, confirm your attendance soon and get a chance to question the policy makers.

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