Election 2010: John Dixon’s vision for Cardiff North

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John Dixon is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Cardiff North

This is a guest post from John Dixon, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Cardiff North in the 2010 General Election. This opportunity to post, answering the question ‘What is your vision for Cardiff North?’ has been offered to all the candidates standing in the constituency.

This election is the most exciting one I’ve ever fought in Cardiff North. The Leaders’ Debates have opened people’s eyes to the possibility that there is another way, something other than the endless parade of red-blue governments that lurch our country backwards and forwards.

For the first time, people are believing that their vote really can change things. That they can vote with their conscience for the Lib Dems, and trust that this rotten electoral system won’t let them down. And, as a result, both Labour and Conservatives are terrified that the doors to their cosy club in Westminster are about to be flung wide open by the British people.

Doesn’t it make you angry that after 65 years of red-blue government, a child’s chances in life are still more determined by their parents’ bank balance than by their own hopes and dreams? That the banks have been allowed to ride roughshod over our economy, and are still handing out bonuses by the bucket load? That politics is still the plaything of wealthy donors and corrupt MPs? That despite endless warm words from politicians, our climate is in danger? That the poorest are the ones who pay the biggest chunk of their income in tax?

I was brought up to believe that the way things are is not the way they have to be. I was brought up to believe that you should fight for what you believe in, and fight for change. So my message is simple.

Don’t settle for low politics and broken promises: be more demanding. Set your sights on the country you want for your children and your grandchildren, and use your vote to make it happen.

When it’s come to the big decisions – on the banks, on the environment, on the war in Iraq – we are the only party that has called it right, every time.

Only Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats have the big ideas for fundamental, structural changes in the way our country works to make it fair. Only Liberal Democrats will shake up the tax system to put £700 back in the pockets of tens of millions of low and middle-income families, paid for by ensuring the wealthy pay their fair share. Only Liberal Democrats will break up the banks and start the country building things again, creating a sustainable economy that no longer threatens our planet’s future. Only Liberal Democrats will provide the investment our schools need to give every child, no matter their background, a fair start in life.

And only Liberal Democrats will sort out our rotten political system once and for all.

Over recent years, Labour’s support in Cardiff North has shrunk. In 1997, when Julie Morgan was first elected, Labour held every single seat in Cardiff North on Cardiff Council, bar two. Since then, they’ve lost an Assembly Member and every one of their councillors.

So I’m pretty sure of one thing – come May 7th, Labour will be wiped out as a force in Cardiff North, and the only parties left with representatives elected from the constituency will be the Liberal Democrats or Conservative. A choice between real change, or the same old ideas.

A vote for the me and the Liberal Democrats means the end of red-blue, blue-red politics. It means the end of the stitch-up between the two old parties. It means the beginning of real change that works for you.

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