Keeping an eye on election leaflets in Cardiff

April 26, 2010 No Comments »
julie morgan campaign leaflet

An example of a leaflet uploaded for Cardiff North

A website has been setup to monitor election leaflets. Thousands are shoved through letterboxes during the campaigning period, with slurs, promises and smiling pictures of candidates.

TheStraightChoice allows people to upload leaflets and browse through the leaflets other people are getting in their constituencies and nearby.

Here’s what’s been hitting the doormats of Cardiff:

Cardiff North

View more leaflets for Cardiff North

Cardiff Central

View more leaflets for Cardiff Central

Cardiff West

View more leaflets for Cardiff West

Cardiff South & Penarth

View more leaflets for Cardiff South & Penarth

You can view more details of who is standing in Cardiff in our quick guide to Election 2010 in Cardiff

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