The Globe granted licence

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The Globe, Cardiff

The Globe in Roath

Cardiff’s troubled music venue, The Globe on Albany Road, Roath, has been granted a licence by Cardiff Council.

Following a £26,000 refurb including extensive soundproofing the venue can now open its doors again to punters.

The venue had been forced to close after complaints from residents about noise.

Alan Jones, owner of Let It Rock that runs the venue, said: “We are delighted with the decision and relieved. We will be opening the doors tonight and providing some great live music.”

Watch Alan Jones and Gwynn Thomas reaction to the decision

The Reverend Gerald Lovitt who had objected to the application attended the licensing hearing.

He said: “There had been a deep drumming beat coming from the venue, but with all the work that’s been done as long as the windows and doors are closed we can’t hear it.

“I wish the venue well but I am concerned with the opening hours, but hopefully we won’t have any problems.”

Councillor Mark Stephens, Plasnewydd, said: “We’re pleased to get the venue open again. It’s good that the panel has listened to residents and the venue and reached this decision. We hope the venues goes on to greater success.”

The venue will be allowed to open from 12 NOON to 12 Midnight Sunday to Thursday and from 12 NOON to 1 AM on Friday and Saturday. However music will only be allowed up to 11.30 PM from Sunday to Thursday and until 12.30 AM on Friday and Saturday.

Councillor Ed Bridges who chaired the licensing committee said: “We are pleased to grant this application, which permits live music at The Globe, and we are confident that the venue can now operate without causing any disturbance to local residents.

“It’s important to remember that The Globe was only ever granted a licence on the basis that all the necessary sound-proofing would be carried out. The licence was only revoked because the sound-proofing work hadn’t been carried out as expected. Now that the work has been completed and tests have shown that the sound-proofing has made a significant improvement, we are very happy to permit live music to take place at The Globe again.

“Cardiff has a thriving live music scene, and venues like The Globe are a vital part of it.”

Are you happy The Globe is re-opening? Will you be attending events? What do you think of Cardiff’s live music scene? Leave your thoughts in the comments below?

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