Admirable Admiral at Mumbles Jazz Fest

May 6, 2010 2 Comments »

We spent the Bank Holiday weekend at the ‘Mumbles Mostly Jazz and Blues Festival’. Perhaps disloyal, when Cardiff Bay was hosting its own days of jazz and salsa, but the Swansea line-up was rather more exciting. We had a great time, and particularly enjoyed jazz-funk outfit ‘Protect the Beat’, whose show had sold out at last year’s Brecon Jazz when we had tried to get tickets.

Protect the Beat at Mumbles Mostly Jazz and Blues festival 2010

'Protect the Beat' perform at Mumbles. Photo: Paul Seligman

Sponsorship from Admiral Insurance enabled the festival to book ‘big names’ from the UK and US. When I completed a feedback form, which asked me if Admiral’s sponsorship had improved my image of the company, I unhesitatingly answered “Yes”.

My opinion of the company was pretty positive anyway. They are now one of Wales’ largest and most successful companies, employing staff in offices in Newport and Swansea as well as Cardiff. Most of us probably know someone who works there. They consistently get into lists of the best places to work in the UK, and seem to treat their staff exceptionally well.

I knew about their sponsorship of major events like Cardiff’s Big Weekend and the Calennig, and their new deal to sponsor the Welsh Rugby Team, but I have discovered that they do far more. Staff have nominated hundreds of local charities, sports teams and other local group which have benefitted from Admiral’s “Community Chest” funds.

Admiral Chief Executive, Harry Engelhardt and his wife Diane have also recently made a very generous personal donation to the Cardiff Story, our long awaited Museum of Cardiff, which will now open in the Old Library in the autumn.

I expect some reader will tell me they know something negative about Admiral. But I am really impressed by a company that puts so much back into the communities where they operate.

We need more companies to act like Admiral.

Ana Popovic Band at Mumbles (c) Paul Seligman

Ana Popovic Band at Mumbles. Photo: Paul Seligman

This is a guest post from Paul Seligman, a resident of Fairwater

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