Brennan hopes for high turnout in Cardiff West

May 6, 2010 No Comments »

Labour candidate for Cardiff West, Kevin Brennan, hopes increased interest in this year’s General Election will provoke a higher turnout of voters.

Taking a break from last-minute campaigning with Labour Councillor for Canton Ramesh Patel, he said that people were a lot more willing to engage with him on the doorstep as he fights for re-election.

“Despite the media prediction before the elction that people would be disaffected, the people I have spoken to feel that their vote is important this year. I would like to hope the turnout will go up as a consequence,” he said.

Asked whether the turnout could go back up to 70 per cent, the post-war average, he was more cautious. He said : “Well that would represent a big jump up as the turnout was below 60 per cent for Cardiff West in 2005 but I would like to think it will go up this year.”

Mr Brennan said that he will be continuing to campaign throughout the day, urging the constituents to get out and vote. He said that he had even worn a hole in his shoe he had been out on the streets so much.

“It has been the sort of campaign I really enjoy, and old-fashioned campaign, pounding the streets to talk to people. We’ll be campaigning until one minute to ten tonight, speaking to people on the doorstep and ringing them up to get them to get out and use their vote.”

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