Best cycle routes in Cardiff

May 25, 2010 1 Comment »

Across the park? Along the river? A hidden route? Let us know your favourite place to cycle in Cardiff

With the sun shining many people are putting their feet on the pedals and taking to the streets of Cardiff on their bikes.

Sustainable travel has been high up the agenda recently, with the Council taking a hammering over their sustainability strategy, Delme Bowen the Council’s transport chief defending it on a guest post and Iona Gordon from the Cardiff Cycling Campaign giving a view from the handlebars. We’ve also seen The Guardian’s beatblogger try out the Oy!Bikes that are meant to encourage residents to get on their bike for short trips around the city.

With all this cycling and good weather we thought we’d ask you, what are the best cycle routes in Cardiff? A lazy pedal across Bute Park or a 10-mile trek up the Taff Trail? Let us know in the form below what your favourite routes are and we’ll plot them on a map for all to see.

If you’re techically inclined you can plot the route on a Google map yourself and email it to and we’ll add it to ours (with full credit to yourself of course).

Here’s the map of the best cycle routes in Cardiff, keep your suggestions coming in. The map also includes places in Cardiff where incidents/accidents have happened involving cyclists, added by Guardian Cardiff. The form to submit your own route is below.

View Cardiff cycle routes in a larger map

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