Cardiff Bloggers Meetup 2: How blogging can NOT change Cardiff

May 27, 2010 3 Comments »
bloggers meetup

About 35 bloggers got together to chat about how blogging can change Cardiff

Bloggers from across Cardiff, and further afield, came together last night in Pica Pica on Westgate Street to find out how blogging can be used to change Cardiff.

Rachel Thomas from the Save The Vulcan campaign gave a great speech about how blogging had been used, as she described “how to not change Cardiff”, to keep the Vulcan pub going in Adamsdown when threatened with development.

She gave a brief overview of the campaign, and re-told some funny stories of when the campaign was featured on the Jeremy Vine show and how a band, Future of the Left, filmed a music video in the pub – including a donkey roaming around.

Thomas included ten reasons why she felt blogging was important to the campaign. The main one seemed to be that it acted as a central place where people could go to find information and get involved in the campaign.

She said: “I’d often be talking to people and journalists about the campaign, but there’s a lot of detailed information – so the blog was the perfect place to host it. We could put reports up there, videos, links to articles.”

Watch Rachel Thomas’ talk at the Cardiff Bloggers Meetup (via GuardianCardiff youtube)

Thomas paid tribute to Chris Latham who was the “technical genius” behind the blog and she recommended blogger as her software of choice for blogging – “as it’s great for a technophobe, like me” – she said.

Facebook was also key to their campaign but Thomas warned against relying too heavily on the social network as not everyone is on it and some people prefer to visit a blog or website, rather than login to Facebook.

All kinds of different subject areas were represented at the bloggers meetup, from fashion to reviews of local pubs, and in the question and answer session that followed an idea was suggested to get a local bloggers directory setup. Guardian Cardiff has made a start by listing some of the bloggers who were there last night.

A couple of announcements were made on the night including:

– Helia Phoenix is looking for someone to take over the Roath Twitter feed. It’s a twitter feed that lets people know about events and goings on in Roath, Cardiff. She thinks that there’s a good opportunity to setup a Roath blog as well.

– WalesOnline will be launching a Wales Blog Awards next month, keep your eyes peeled for details. Check out this post that was written back in March outlining the rough ideas for it.

– Hannah Waldram (Guardian Cardiff) and myself are looking at setting up social media surgeries in Cardiff. These are for voluntary groups and charities to find our more about social media and blogging and how it can help them. They could be a well established local charity or the local PACT meeting chairperson. We need ‘surgeons’ – people who are hot on their social media – to get involved and volunteer a bit of time. We’re looking at running the first one in June, so if you’re interested get in touch via or

The Cardiff Bloggers Meetup was co-hosted by yourCardiff and Guardian Cardiff, it aims to give local bloggers a chance to meet each other, swap ideas and hear from different bloggers about their experiences.

We’d like to thank Warwick Emanuel PR & Film for sponsoring the first drink for everyone that registered, Pica Pica for giving us the space for the night and Music box on Penarth Road for providing the microphone and speakers – and John Rostron for pointing us in the right direction.

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    Gutted I missed this (again) :(

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    You have linked to the wrong Rachel – @rachelthomas

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