Burying for the future in Llandaff

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mayor burying time capsule in llandaff

Lord Mayor does the honours with a time capsule in Llandaff

Cardiff’s Lord Mayor helped bury a time capsule in Llandaff, which won’t be dug up until 2070.

The capsule was buried at the Pegasus Court development and includes memorabilia of children’s views of life in 2010.

Children from Llandaff Primary School joined Councillor Keith Hyde to bury a copy of The Twits to honour Llandaff’s most famous son, Roald Dahl, a bottle of Penederyn, and a copy of the local newspaper.

Peter Askew the Chief Executive Officer of Pegasus Homes said: “The time capsule has some fascinating material in it and I hope that you have all had a good chance to look at it before we now bury it for 60 years. It has been a great opportunity to link groups together in what we at Pegasus believe is a fantastic community project.”

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