Motorcycle annoyance blighting Old St Mellons

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old st mellons newport road

The stretch of Newport Road where residents are reporting illegal motorbikes

Residents at an Old St Mellons PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meeting called on police to tackle speeding motorcyclists in the area.

Illegal off road bikes have been coming down Newport Road through the centre doing 50-60 mph, according to one resident.

Another said: “I can hear them behind my house, every Sunday morning. They tear around and make such a noise. One of them was doing wheelies down the middle of the road the other day.”

South Wales Police have pledged to crackdown on illegal motorcylists across Cardiff and Lisa Gore, neighbourhood officer who covers Cardiff East, said they had plans to tackle motorbikes.

She said: “It’s not just about prevention, it’s about educating the riders of the bikes. We are getting tough on motorcycle crime and will be launching some operations in the near future to put a stop to speeding and off road biking.”

Police also appealed for help in catching fly-tippers in the area, and one resident explained how tyres had been dumped in their road.

She said: “We had 13 tyres dumped in the road yesterday. The children are wheeling them down and just putting them at the end of the road. We’ve had to clear them all off.”

PCSO Chris Williams gave our crime statistics for the area since May 2010 that showed there had been two vehicle crimes, three shed burglaries – all in the same night on Bridge Court and four anti-social behaviour incidents.

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