Anti-social behaviour falls dramatically in Llanrumney

July 7, 2010 2 Comments »

PC Irwin flanked by PCSO Leigh Newman and a Special Constable addressed the meeting of 21 Llanrumney residents, chaired by independent PACT chair Denise Wong.

Between 11th May and 6th July 2010 there were 26 anti-social behaviour reports compared to 102 in the same period the previous year in Llanrumney. Reported crime was also down:  during the same period there were 171 incidents of reported crime compared to 216 last year. Llanrumney library was quoted as evidence of this success as reported incidents of anti-social behaviour have dramatically fallen there with close work between the police and council staff.

PC Irwin stated: “This is due to the effectiveness of partnership organisations working well together. Council housing teams, anti-social behaviour teams and the police are working in co-ordination to tackle community issues.”

Under-age drinking and associated problems around the Countisbury Avenue shops were discussed. Residents were keen to stress that this remained an ongoing problem. PCSO Newman responded that they needed to be told of specific examples of under-age drinking in order to be permitted to gather evidence over the summer months using test purchases.

Residents from Ilchester Avenue acknowledged that police action from previous PACT meetings had resulted in a clear up of anti-social behaviour in their street.

PC Irwin put out an appeal for any information from the public relating to:

– dangerous dogs
– motorcycle annoyance
– sale of alcohol to underage youths

He asked people to contact him at Rumney Police Station on 02920 774729 or by e-mail on

PCSO Leigh Newman also showed residents the Blackberries that officers had been given, which ensure they can spend longer on the streets of Llanrumney working amidst the community.

Future priorities identified included a continued focus on tackling anti-social behaviour issues at the Countisbury Shops, parking issues in Ridgeway Road and car crime in Kennerleigh Road.

The next meeting will be on 7th September 2010 in St. Dyfrigs Hall, Countisbury Avenue.

This is a guest post from Keith Philip Jones, a resident of Llanrumney and author of the Cardiff East blog

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  1. Mr Dean Parker July 15, 2010 at 1:57 pm - Reply

    There doing a great job two egomaniacs Pcso's walking around Llanrumney bulling the young people well done.

    • Harry Thomas February 18, 2011 at 3:26 pm - Reply

      They need bullying to control them because the parents haven't had the bottle to instill proper discipline. Wouldn't mind betting that your a parent of one of the wayward souls aren't you? No doubt gobbing off at this article with mis-place over protectiveness.

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