Echo Community Champion Awards 2010

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south wales echo community champion awards

The Echo Community Champion Awards have been launched for 2010, in association with Morrisons.

The 8th annual awards will pay tribute to the unsung heroes, people who enhance their communities and the lives of those within them, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Our community champions have one thing in common, they will be selfless and always put others first. Their achievements will be apparent to others, even if they are not to themselves.

We all know someone who deserves to be recognised, whether they are a neighbour, friend or relative for their tireless charity work, their environmental drive, their sporting achievements, caring nature or even for being a fantastic friend. There are 10 categories to choose from so there is sure to be one to highlight the achievements of someone special in you life.

So, why not take a few minute to send us the information about your community champion and we’ll make sure they get their deserved place in the limelight and a day to remember.

The categories

Champion friend | Is your friend the best in the World? Have they always been there to pick you up when you’re down or made you laugh until you cried? Show your appreciation by nominating them for champion friend of the year.

Young Community Champion | Do you know a special young person who you think deserves to be recognised. This award is for anyone under 18 who has made, or continues to make a positive contribution and commitment to their local community. This could be the result of project work, their efforts for a good cause or dedicating time to give something back to their community. Whatever the reason, if you believe a young person in your community deserves to be recognised, tell us about them and enter them for this award.

Sports Champion | You don’t have to be top of the league or a gold medal winner to enter this award. The winner will be individuals or a team with a passion and drive for sport. You could nominate your team, your swimming coach or your sporting hero. Get in touch and tell us about the sporting stars of the region.

Green Champion | This award will be presented to an outstanding individual who has contributed considerably to their local environment. The Judges will be looking for a person who has campaigned and raised awareness about the local environment or has encouraged others by leading by example.

John Lewis Charity Champion | Has someone you know dedicated themselves tirelessly to charity? They may be someone who has raised a large amount of money, generated awareness for a cause or has been a selfless volunteer worker for many years. This award is open to groups or individuals so if you know a charity champion, enter them for this award to receive the recognition they deserve.

Healthworker Champion | The healthworker champion award will honour an individual who is employed in healthcare and delivers an outstanding contribution to the health and welfare of individuals in the community. This champion individual may be a doctor or nurse, a provider of home help, meals on wheels or other much needed services in community. If you know someone who is really making a difference to healthcare in your community, nominate them to give them the acknowledgement they deserve.

Education Champion | Anyone working in education play’s a vital role in shaping the futures of our children and assisting lifelong learning. We are looking for someone working in education who has shown constant dedication, kindness and understanding, someone who continues to inspire people to learn every day. Everyone has a memorable teacher, nominate yours for this award.

Kingsmill Community Champion | Do you know someone who has made a difference to your community? The community champion will play an active role in their community through volunteering or by going that extra mile in their day to day job. They may have cleared up the environment, made your area a safer place to live, provided a much needed community service or help vulnerable people. This award is open to groups or individuals so if you know a charity champion enter them for this award so they get the recognition they deserve.

Champion Child of Courage
| The champion child of courage award will be presented to the child who has shown enormous bravery and coverage, this could be through a heroic act, overcoming disability or illness, they may be a young carer, or demonstrated strength following tragedy. The champion child of courage will be an inspiration to us all.

Legal & General Lifetime Achievement Champion | This special award is presented to an individual who has dedicated a lifetime contributing to your community, creating a better place to live, work and play. This may be enhancing the city’s reputation, building bridges between communities or an outstanding role model for others. Whatever the reason, nominate them for this special award as your Lifetime Community Champion.

You can enter as many people as you like for as many awards as you like. Just make sure your supporting statement about them gives us information relevant to that award.

How to enter

1. Download the nomination form or call 02920 244 333 to request one

2. Complete the form either on your computer or print off. Fill in the required details and write your supporting statement about the person.

3. Email the form back to or post to South Wales Echo, PO BOX 325, Cardiff, CF10 1XR

The deadline for entries is Wednesday 15th September 2010.

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