Cardiff Bus divert services due to Halloween fears

October 25, 2010 3 Comments »
Cardiff Bus divert services due to Halloween fears

police on cardiff bus

Buses in Cardiff will be disrupted as Cardiff Bus announces changes to its services during Halloween.

Due to fears over youth annoyance a number of routes will see officers from South Wales Police riding on them and their routes through the city will be changed.

The following services will be affected:

* Service 7 – after the 16:13 journey from Canal St & 16:25 from Mermaid Quay, buses will use Lloyd George Avenue instead of Bute Street

* Services 12 & 13 to Tremorfa – after the 16:19 journey from Wood Street and 16:50 journey from Tremorfa, buses will operate the normal route to Splott Road then will turn left into Habershon Street, right into Moorland Road and then Courtney Road, then right again back onto Splott Road

* Services 12 & 13 to Ely – after the 16:48 journey from Central Station, buses will use Grand Avenue

* Services 17 & 18 – after the 17:02 service 17 and 17:12 service 18 from the City Centre, buses will use Cowbridge Road West instead of Amroth Road & Heol Trelai

* Service 44 – after the 16:50 journey from Bute Terrace, buses will operate direct via Greenway Road and omit Trowbridge Estate.

* Service 45 – after the 16:05 journey from Bute Terrace, buses will operate direct via Wentloog Road

* Services 49 & 50 – after the 15:55 journey from Bute Terrace, buses will operate direct via Newport Road to Llaneirwg roundabout and will not serve Llanrumney Estate.

Cardiff Bus has apologised in advance for any inconvenience resulting from these changes. They have also announced that there will be increased Cardiff Bus and police patrols across the city.

More details regarding  changes to bus services can be found at Cardiff Bus or by calling Traveline on 0871 200 2233. Regular updaates are also available on the Cardiff Bus Twitter feed.

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  1. merlinthemagician October 25, 2010 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    Surely this is down to police and policing?Why should the majorities normal life pattern be changed because the police can't do the job [public order] they are employed to do?__I personally doubt very much that I will be using the bus on this evening but there are genuine people who need to use buses to do their jobs etc and then take the risk of being assaulted because the bus fails to drop them off to near their homes .____If this trick or treat thing is going to cause this much disruption then surely an order needs to be invoked banning it [after all its an Americanisation of a British celebration ] so ban it or restrict the ages down to say 11 yrs of age and if others transgress well lock them up.____I now lock my gates to stop access into my drive to deter these transgressors coming to my front door and then throwing eggs or any other object they can get their hands on, it spoils it for the younger children and parents who go to so much trouble and on cost to make it a party celebration but because of these older idiots running amok the youngsters suffer…..____I'm sorry if I bored you with the above but surely at the end of the day its surely just down to common sense??

  2. Nate C October 25, 2010 at 8:05 pm - Reply

    So the answer to anti-social behaviour is to cut services and make people walk the rest of the way?

    The 12 & 13 service to Tremorfa will not actually be serving Tremorfa if the above is correct, and this is a large part of the route – hell, it's where it is supposed to go. It's not the 12 & 13 to Splott.

    After 5pm the young, elderly and infirm – and the rest of us, will just have to deal with the yobs ourselves? Excellent.

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