Review: Evening Chorus @ The Gate

November 9, 2010 1 Comment »
Review: Evening Chorus @ The Gate

evening chorus

7.30pm and no-one had arrived. The doors were open, the bands ready and The Gate was empty. By 8.15pm, there was a nice crowd of 20 people in the dance studio, lit by fairylight, munching on cookies and milk.

As The Gentle Good took the stage, everyone went silent in a way that is so rare at a gig. He played a half an hour set of beautiful Welsh language folk songs from his forthcoming album, to be released in Wales before it comes out in England, he explained.

Following a short interlude, Evening Chorus, who were recently described as the ‘hardest working band in folk music,’ treated the audience to 45 minutes of heartwrenchingly gorgeous folk music. Their harmonies coupled with the lighting and the general wonderment of the audience to give the feeling that we may as well have been in a barn in the countryside at dusk after a hard day of working the fields.

This is exactly how folk music and concerts should make the audience feel.

As the show finished, people did not leave straight away as is usual for shows in Cardiff, but stuck around to enjoy the free milk and cookies and talk to new friends. Hopefully this was the first in a series of awesome shows.

Time will tell.

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