Police “blitz” on city centre street drinking

November 26, 2010 3 Comments »
Police “blitz” on city centre street drinking

police city centre patrol

Police are hailing a “blitz” on street drinking in Cardiff city centre a success.

Following complaints at city centre PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meetings of drinking around Cardiff Central Station and the main shopping areas, PC Tony Molina led an operation to tackle alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour.

Officers from South Wales Police patrolled the city centre on Tuesday 23rd November, confiscating alcohol from seven people, conducting two stop and searches and issuing seven Section 27 orders.

A Section 27 order directs an individual to leave a location and prohibits their return within 12 hours – if they choose to return they can be arrested.

PC Molina said “Our local PACT meetings have raised a number of issues around drunken anti social behaviour, and the operation was part of an ongoing focus to tackle these problems. We always take a partnership approach to keeping our city centre beat safe, and this is shown with continued help from our colleagues at British Transport Police.

“This type of operation delivers a strong message to those that persist in drink fuelled crime and anti social behaviour, that it will not be tolerated. It’s also about being visible on the busy shopping streets to prevent crime and keep our city centre safe.”

Nigel Richardson, who chairs the Cardiff City Centre PACT meetings, said: “Wood Street and Central Square have long been problem areas for street drinking. I am pleased that the police are taking this action.

“However I appreciate their hands are tied when it comes to confiscating alcohol as it depends where the offence is taking place. Not all of the city centre is enforceable with the street drinking laws.”

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  1. Simon November 26, 2010 at 12:38 pm - Reply


  2. Simon November 26, 2010 at 12:43 pm - Reply

    Pathetic. So 7 law abiding citizens who wanted to pay off licence prices get their drink confiscated.
    How is it that during a rugby event, or Mardis Gras even, the streets are full of revelers drinking outside, but are still forced to pay pub proces because the supermarkets are prevented from selling alcohol. Businesses are lobbying for these restrictive local laws, it’s nothing to do with crime or antisocial behaviour.

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