Adamsdown fire station decision deferred

December 16, 2010 8 Comments »
Adamsdown fire station decision deferred

adam street fire station

A decision on the future of a fire station in Adamsdown, Cardiff, has been delayed as councillors want to inspect the site.

The current fire station could be reduced in size and over 500 student flats built on the site if plans are passed.

Adamsdown councillor Nigel Howells said this was one of the biggest developments he’d seen in his ward.

He said: “This is one of the largest developments since I have been a councillor and I feel it is an overdevelopment. It has triggered a lot of complaints and worries from local residents about the size of it.”

62 letters of objection from local residents have so far been received and Cardiff Central MP Jenny Willott has voiced her objections.

She said: “I am concerned by the lack of parking spaces planned for the development and wants to see that emergency vehicles will have easy access to and from the building.”

Councillors will visit the site on Adam Street in January before reaching their decision.

Do you live in the area? What do you think of the development? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. Gerald Peake. December 17, 2010 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    The proposed development includes a much smaller 3 bay fire station and four blocks of student accommodation, the proportion in the drawing is slightly misleading, this has now been through 2 consultation / planning stages, the second of which, I consider has answered most of the criticisms of the initial plan, mainly reduced height of the blocks and more set back from the pavement. I believe this development together with a similar planned for the Rumpoles site opposite for restaurant / office and flats complex will greatly enhance this part of the city, I think we're very lucky that someone is proposing a development of any kind in the present financial situation.

    I have been in touch with Jenny Randerson and she has confirmed that herself, Nigel Howells and Jenny Willott MP all consider this an over development of the site, stating that most students do have cars these days and they would park in the local streets as they apparently do in Cathays and Maindy Road. I really don't know what planet the Liberal Democrats are living on, if there is a parking problem anywhere, surely it is up to the University and Local Government to sort out, maybe with a residents permit system, it is crazy to hold up the development of a city centre just because there may be a problem with parking at some times of the year, all the Liberal Democrats seem to think about is geeing up the local residents to complain about things ( courting local popularity ) rather than taking a positive approach to city planning.
    The Lib Dem. preference for this site is for social housing, but apparently the CCHA didn't know it was available until planning stage, despite the Rumpoles plot being advertised for quite some time, why did they not snap that one up? There is a lot of social housing in this area and I consider this particular location is much too close to the centre and too noisy for family housing, Oriel House is the nearest and most affected building yet the LIb Dem team seem to be concentrating their efforts on all the streets behind the fire station which will not be affected.
    If you want Cardiff to grow as a city, bringing visitors into the centre, student or otherwise, and bringing further employment, please make the councilors aware of your feelings, if this development doesn't go ahead, we will be left with a decaying and under-used fire station for years to come!

    • vanessa jenkins December 18, 2010 at 7:59 pm - Reply

      in reply to your comments i dont know if you live in the area but yes the fire station does need to be up dated and the living accomodation on site for serving fireman needs to be upgraded,but has any one addresed the issue of it changing from a 7 bay to a 3 bay firestaion after all this is situated in the centre of a ever growing cardiff surely we need large firestation on this site not a smaller one

    • vanessa jenkins December 18, 2010 at 8:01 pm - Reply

      to address the problem of parking in the area if you would like to visit this area any day after 9am you will find that the roads are full with parked cars on both side of the road with people who park and leave the car and go to work in the city for the day to avoid paying car park fees, this makes it difficult for many deliveries to get on to the estate if they are transportorted in anything other that a van and i cant count the number of times through the past year that the dustbin lorry cant get through because of the cars hence rubbish is left out in the street for another week waiting for collection.

    • vanessa jenkins December 18, 2010 at 8:03 pm - Reply

      with over a possible 500 hundred student accomadation with there cars which is after all the size of a multi story car park and only 8 planned carpark spaces planned on site where do you think the students will park other than in the surrounding streets and why should i have to have a permit to park in front of my house and also permits which i will have to pay for for any friends and family that wish to visit. after all the students might be there at certain times but when the university is closed they plan to rent the accomadation out on short term lets. so this will be a year long problem.
      if the area needs developement surely something that would have less impact and more benefit for local residents can be planned i have had to post these as 3 replies because of the length of commet sorry

  2. Sian December 18, 2010 at 1:48 pm - Reply

    Has demand for this accommodation been assessed? I heard that the nearby UWIC Art College just closed a Sculpture course out of the blue.. LAST WEEK..leaving many students high and dry ???? … do we NEED more student accommodation or will this simply squeeze out more of the small private landlords who have served this community well for many years, blending students into our welcoming Welsh community instead of these huge, high security ghettos. I think planners need to be careful…. Cardiff is the most welcoming of student cities… students live side by side with local residents… and Cardiff City Council (via Landlord Accreditation) and the Uni (via ) work hard to maintain this … if we need more accommodation then so be it … but I saw dozens of empty student properties in Roath / Cathays… students form part of the life blood of these areas… I don't believe there is a need for more student accommodation… I think the planners should talk to their colleagues in the Council and get on board with Accreditation and ensuring students integrate into our community then they will stay and become the future of our City rather than transient 3 year 'visitors'.

  3. Gerald Peake. January 4, 2011 at 11:20 pm - Reply

    Sorry to take so long to reply, I think the first development document pointed out most of the fire stations duties have been or are going to be transferred to another station anyway, that's why it is at present mainly used as a car park.
    I live right next to the fire station and have never seen any evidence of streets full of parked cars and vehicles not able to get through, even the parking spaces surrounding the station are free most days, are we talking about the same area?
    I agree with Sian and can only presume there has been contact with the University to confirm that more student accommodation is needed, presumably to free up actual houses in other parts of the city and therefore make more family accommodation available.
    If imaginary parking problems were allowed to stop every development in its tracks, nothing would ever get built, what's the problem with resident's parking permits? My only reservations about the plans is to question why ground floor parking was not included in the student blocks at planning stage. At Ty-pont-haearn there are 629 student places, do they have a parking problem? I can't see that they 'all' park in the NCP park on the ground level. It would be interesting to find out how many of the 629 have their own cars.

  4. Gerald Peake. January 12, 2011 at 5:25 pm - Reply

    So the Liberal Democrat team have managed to succeed in blocking this development. I wait to see what plans they have for the area – I mean concrete proposals, properly funded which will happen within the next five years.
    Being a voice for Cardiff Central is the easy part – now let's see their actual proposals.

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