Residents question Llanishen Reservoir landfill plan

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Residents question Llanishen Reservoir landfill plan

llanishen reservoir

Neighbours of Llanishen Reservoir have criticised a proposal by owner Western Power Distribution to turn the site into a rubbish dump.

The plan to turn the empty reservoir into a landfill site was included in papers released by Cardiff council as part of a consultation on the city’s local development plan.

Those living in the vicinity have reacted with anger, branding the proposal “a disgrace” and saying a part of the community “has been lost”.

Clive Davenport, 66, of Lisvane Road, has lived by the reservoir for more than 35 years and is a member of Graig Walking Group whose walks round the water were stopped when WPD put iron railings up.

He said: “It is an absolute disgrace. A landfill is just ridiculous – it is a site of Special Scientific Interest and has orchards growing there, otters and the bird life as well.

“People will go ballistic. They have drained it when everybody said it wasn’t a problem and never had been.”

Ewart Parkinson, 84, who has lived on South Rise, next to the reservoir for 45 years, and was Cardiff council’s first ever planning officer, said: “I am astonished.

“It is quite extraordinary – I have been dealing with land since I left school when I was 16-years-old, and I have never known any land owner to be so obdurate and determined when local MPs, the council, Welsh Assembly Government, everyone’s desire is to protect and enhance the open space.

“One of the remarkable things about Cardiff is it has about four waterwaysgoing from the valleys to the Severn estuary and if you protect those, you have a city like no other because you don’t have to go to the edge of the city to find open space.”

Sarah Trafford, 36, who lives on the Rise backing onto the reservoir, said that landfill on the site would be unthinkable.

She said: “You would rather it would be houses than a landfill if it has to be one of them, but obviously we would prefer it was a reservoir.

“They have to make money somehow, but if they are talking about landfill, it is not nice for anyone. It has got to go somewhere, but you don’t want it on your doorstep, do you?”

Sally Clyburn, 57, another reservoir neighbour living on The Rise, said it was sad to see the reservoir’s demise: “It is not ideal to put a landfill site in the middle of a community. We had four children all away at University now.

“It was lovely for them to grow up because you could walk round the reservoir. It was a nice part of the community and it has been lost.”

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