Crime in Lisvane near a “record low”

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Crime in Lisvane near a “record low”

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Crime in a leafy Cardiff suburb reached near record-low levels last year, it has been revealed.

In a report to the Lisvane PACT meeting this week, PC Jonathan Edwards revealed that the number of incidents reported to the police in the area for the whole of 2010 was 85, down from 96 in 2009.

But he warned that residents in the affluent area should remain vigilant as it will remain a target for “opportunist thieves.”

“Quite simply, the level of recorded crime in Lisvane for 2010 is absolutely fantastic,” PC Edwards said.

“It beats last year’s figures of 96, and we considered last year to be a great achievement.”

Figures for the area revealed that stealing from cars remained the most common crime with 23%, and PC Edwards called for caution from locals parking their cars on the streets.

He said: “Around 85-90% of these attempted thefts or thefts from vehicles happen because cars were left open.

“These crimes were 23% of the total, so about 20 incidents, and that is a big, big part of that that.”

The new neighbourhood inspector for Llanishen and Llanedeyrn, which takes in the Lisvane ward, said that as an affluent area, it susceptible to attracting people to the area for crime.

Inspector Paul Crowley told the meeting: “It is an affluent area and we are going to attract certain people, so people have to be careful, but this crime level is very low.”

He said that in the context of Cardiff-wide crime, the target was to limit the city’s incidents to 14,500 – meaning Lisvane’s crime rate is running at under 0.6% of the target.

Other crime figures released  by South Wales Police show that 14% of offences were for other thefts, 12% of incidents were shoplifting and 9% for violence or disorder.

The meeting also discussed plans to tackle ongoing problems with illegal parking at Lisvane Primary School, with council proposals for a school safety zone and speed-reduction measures.

Parents had complained that a number of people were parking illegally on double yellow lines and on pavements.

PC Edwards said that the numbers were going down after police started regularly issuing penalties for parking.

This remained an ongoing priority for the PACT meeting, as well as a commitment for police to look into how to monitor the amount of mobile phone usage while driving along Mill Place.

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