Painted Cardiff: A tale of the city’s regeneration

April 18, 2011 1 Comment »
Painted Cardiff: A tale of the city’s regeneration

painted cardiff

We’ve seen Cardiff in black and white and Cardiff in the 1980s, but now take a look at Cardiff in paint.

Mid-Wales painter Ciara Lewis has produced a selection of paintings documenting the changing face of the city over the last few years.

The barrage, Norwegian Church and the Capitol Centre all get the artistic treatment.

Ms Lewis says the city is a fascinating place to paint.

She said: “It’s an interesting city as you are so near to the sea, but you wouldn’t notice it when you’re in amongst the shopping areas.”

Ms Lewis, who started painting professionally three years ago, said the idea came to her while visiting her partner in Cardiff.

“I came down to see him and thought there was a lot of building happening, and I wanted to capture that.

“I painted some of the new developments and because of the recession some of these have never been finished properly.”

The paintings will be shown at the BigLittleCity exhibition in the Old Library from next month. A full selection are available on the Ciara Lewis website.

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  1. Simon boughton April 18, 2011 at 7:22 pm - Reply

    Great Work Ciara you certainly have captured the other side of Cardiff, I especially love the colours.. you can see the Cardiff barrage picture at the Big Little City exhibition upstairs in the Old Central Library

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