Cardiff says ‘No’ in AV vote referendum

May 6, 2011 3 Comments »
Cardiff says ‘No’ in AV vote referendum

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Voters in all four constituencies in Cardiff have voted unanimously to reject electoral reform and keep the current ‘First Past the Post’ (FPTP) system.

After the excitement of the Assembly Election, the results came as an anticlimax – announced to just a handful of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaign agents in a deserted sports hall at the Institute of Welsh Sport Sophia Gardens.

In Cardiff North, 34, 231 votes were cast with 11,952 ‘Yes’ votes and 22, 128 in favour of ‘No’.

Similar results were produced in Cardiff South and Penarth, where 27, 343 votes were counted with 10,563 in favour of AV and 16,597 in favour of ‘No’.

In Cardiff West, there were 27,514 votes counted with 11,278 ‘Yes’ votes and 16,074 ‘No’ votes.

But the picture was much tighter in Cardiff Central, with just a couple of thousand votes ultimately producing a ‘No’ vote.

There, 23,461 people voted with 10,641 ‘Yes’ votes edged out by 12,656 ‘No’ votes.

Cardiff’s results mirrored a nationwide picture, with the campaign to introduce the alternative vote to elect MPs set to be handed a huge defeat.

In the final analysis, in Cardiff as elsewhere, there was just not enough appetite for AV and certainly not the same interest or excitement that surrounded the Assembly Elections the previous evening.

View a full breakdown of the AV referendum results for Wales

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