750 council workers apply for voluntary redundancy

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750 council workers apply for voluntary redundancy

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Changes to how Cardiff council pays off staff taking voluntary redundancy will be considered by councillors tomorrow.

The council’s voluntary severance scheme is being offered to staff who will consider leaving the council.

Currently 750 staff have applied for voluntary redundancy and council papers said “voluntary severance is at the discretion of the council and that any need for compulsory redundancy arising from organisational change can be avoided.”

The changes are part of the council’s transformational change programme, which will see a fifth of all senior management posts scrapped.

The council is also proposing a reduction in the amount staff taking voluntary redundancy will be paid.

Instead of a maximum per worker of £498-per-week for a maximum of 66 weeks, it will drop to £450-a-week over 66 weeks.

The council estimates this could save them over £452,000 in this financial year if the profile of people leaving is the same as the last financial year.

In the last financial year 297 staff left the council by taking voluntary redundancy, and the council needs to match this figure this year.

The changes will be discussed at a meeting of the council’s policy, review and performance scrutiny committee tomorrow from 4pm at County Hall.

You can view the full papers on the changes to voluntary redundancies on the council website.

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