Licensing round-up: New off-licence wants to sell booze on St Mary Street

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Licensing round-up: New off-licence wants to sell booze on St Mary Street
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A new mini-supermarket seeking to sell alcohol on St Mary Street faces objections from South Wales Police.

The Nisa store is within the city centre saturation zone and wants to sell alcohol from 10am to 11pm.

Pink Bubbles Ltd, the parent company of the Nisa brand, said it would operate a Challenge 25 policy and the area where alcohol is on sale would be “sectioned off when alcohol is not on sale.”

The police have objected to the application stating it will cause more crime and disorder in the area, and it is in the saturation zone – causing them to automatically object.

Residents in the area have objected to the application saying it “will only encourage young people to buy alcohol and drink it on the side streets and our doorway is already an attraction to the needs of urine and homeless people.”

The council has faced a battle to stop new off licences selling alcohol on St Mary Street, with Tesco and Sainsbury’s successfully challenging the council’s attempts to limit their sales through the courts.

The application will be heard at the council’s licensing sub committee tomorrow morning at City Hall from 10am.

View the full application and objections on the council website.

Chinese restaurant seeks alcohol licence in Roath saturation zone

A Chinese restaurant on a busy stretch of road in Cardiff faces a battle against the police for a booze licence.

Ding Hua on City Road, Roath, wants to serve alcohol from 11am to to 11pm every day of the week but South Wales Police say it will inflame crime and disorder in the area.

A statement from the owners of Ding Hua says: “The property is situated on City Road, in a busy restaurant area, it has been open since January and employs approximately 10 people.

“The restaurant has been opened with a need for chinese cuisine for chinese community. Whilst the business is making profits enabling it to trade, paying staff and running costs, to bring this business into a profit the alcohol licence would be essential and this would able the business to compete with other business.”

The saturation zone on City Road and Crwys Road means the police must automatically object to any new licensing application.

A letter from a local resident to the council’s licensing sub committee states “our street as it is fully covered with the nuisance of take aways every night and if the licence is given then there will be more vomiting in our street.”

View the full application documents and objections

Cyncoed residents back new off-licence

Local residents are backing a new off licence to open in a wealthy Cardiff suburb.

AJ’s Best Bargains in Cyncoed wants to be able to sell booze between 8am and 10.30pm.

The store was previously part of the now defunct Threshers Franchise and residents say it “has been an inconcenience to local residents not to have an off-licence operating in competition with the local SPAR shop.”

South Wales Police have not objected to the application but asked for the store to install CCTV and a log to be kept of all refused sales of alcohol.

All these applications will be heard at Cardiff council’s licensing sub committee tomorrow from 10am in City Hall.

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