Councillor calls on parking space restrictions to be devolved

June 15, 2011 1 Comment »
Councillor calls on parking space restrictions to be devolved

butetown flats

A Cardiff councillor is calling on the Welsh Government to scrap a restriction on the amount of parking spaces for new developments – which doesn’t exist.

Butetown member Delme Greening has tabled a motion for tomorrow’s full council meeting calling for decision-making powers to be devolved to Cardiff council.

Coun Greening said: “At the moment there are a lot of new developments happening and there are not enough car parking spaces.

“In my ward it is a big issue, as the problem is not car ownership but car usage. In these economic times you’re going to take a job anywhere and this may involve driving to somewhere else.”

The motion states “local communities are best placed to decide the appropriate levels of parking provision required in their area, based on economic and social factors and local knowledge.”

The motion claims the council is currently bound by a ‘legal maximum’ on the number of parking spaces it can allocate to any new developments.

A spokeswoman for the Welsh Government said there was no such legal maximum and local authorities were able to decide how many parking spaces they allocated.

View the full motion in the council documents

What do you think about the number of parking spaces allocated for new developments?

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  1. Jen June 15, 2011 at 2:39 pm - Reply

    Hurrah! A councillor who listens!
    I’ve lived in two new developments and both are plagued with parking problems not because of people failing to act responsibly but because there are simply not enough spaces. There are two issues at play. One is that (I assume) councillors want to encourage people to use public transport by reducing the number of parking spaces. This has a gargantuan failing in that there is little of zero public transport provision for these developments.
    The other thing is that very few people can afford to occupy an apartment alone. Nost parking policies allow one space per flat. A two-bed flat obviously needs two spaces but almost all one-bed flats are also occupied by two people and a lot of the time they will have a car each. We sold one of our cars so that we can stick to our one allocated space but when we have visitors they struggle to park because all the two-car apartments leave their second car in the visitor spaces. A development of 100 flats needs to have about 250 spaces to realistically accommodate the needs.
    Or, you know, Cardiff could get a bit more serious about public transport? Only a moron could think we’d pay £6 and spend 90 minutes on a bus when we could drive, park for £3 and only spend 15-20 minutes travelling…

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