Protests over Cardiff Skyflyer proposals

July 5, 2011 3 Comments »
Protests over Cardiff Skyflyer proposals

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Protesters have held a demonstration against plans to fly a blimp over Cardiff Bay.

A group of 80 protesters gathered on the Penarth side of Cardiff Barrage while members of the council’s planning development control committee were surveying the site.

View a slideshow of the Cardiff Skyflyer protest

Vaughan Gething, AM for Cardiff South and Penarth, and Vale of Glamorgan councillors Sophie Williams and Paul Church also joined the demonstration.

Lindstrand Aeroplatforms, the company behind the scheme, want to take visitors on 15-minute flights 400ft (125m) in the sky for a bird’s eye view of the city and beyond.

The huge balloon, measuring 100ft (31m) long and 55ft (17m) wide, will operate between 8am and 11pm and will display illuminated advertising.

But householders in the area say the blimp proposal is an eyesore and will cause traffic congestion along the seafront.

Grandad-of-five Alwyn Evans, secretary of the Marina and Haven Residents Association, took part in the demonstration.

Speaking after the protest, the 69-year-old said: “I hope we got the point across and they actually saw for themselves this location is not suitable.

“Our argument is that it is not an appropriate development for this location. We really don’t need this blimp bringing in even more traffic congestion than we suffer round here already.”

The proposed site, near the lock and fish ladder on the Penarth side of the barrage, was chosen by Lindstrand Aeroplatforms after consultation with Cardiff council.

Those opposed to the plans have suggested an alternative location at the north end of the barrage, saying there is more space for the development.

Almost 200 people have signed a petition against proposals for balloon to operate on the Cardiff Barrage. Alun Michael, Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, and the region’s AM, Vaughan Gething, have also sent a joint letter of objection to the council.

A decision on whether inflatable blimp proposal will go ahead has been delayed until Wednesday, July 13.

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  1. Ian July 5, 2011 at 10:27 am - Reply

    why 'No WWII Relics'?

    This story suggests that the main objection is related to traffic congestion, however the majority of the signs in the picture suggest that the blimp in question is an antiquated WWII blimp? Who is confused here? I know I sure am.

    • G F WEBB July 16, 2011 at 6:27 pm - Reply

      IT is a 30m long 17m circumference balloon which will carry people 100ft into the air on a platform at a cost of £45 for two adults and two children. It is a giant fare ground attraction and advertising board totally unsuited to be near a residential area with bad access and limited parking.Everywhere it has been proposed objections have been raised now it has been forced on the people in the Vale by Cardiff planning department despite objections.

  2. Garry September 1, 2011 at 4:36 pm - Reply

    Seems to me that it will be in the air, rather than in a residential area. Planes fly over houses all the time. Cities need attractions when so much employment is provided by tourism. There will be a little congestion initially, but if it is a fairground ride, then let's hope it's as successful as the London Eye or The Big One at Blackpool.

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