Michael Jackson tribute concert headliners announcement delayed

August 3, 2011 4 Comments »
Michael Jackson tribute concert headliners announcement delayed

The announcement of the line-up for the Michael Jackson tribute show planned for Cardiff has been delayed.

Organisers Global Live Events were due to make an announcement at 6pm this evening, but the press conference has now been cancelled.

A statement on the official Michael Forever – The Tribute Concert Facebook page: “We will wait with the announcement until we can name the new headline act.”

Global Live Events, meanwhile, have tried to appease fans after uproar over their ticket sales policy.

The company claims the ticketing system is designed to deter touts from hiking up ticket prices to rip off fans – even though it will still result in buyers spending extra.

“If more people want tickets than are available the price goes up,” a new frequently asked questions section of the official Facebook page explains.

“With our system the initial demand is moderated by the charity pledges.

“We don’t get the extra money – the charities do. So all the profit that a tout would usually take has already been given to the charities.

“Global Live Events only ever gets the face value of the tickets,” it says on the site.

The firm tries to explain away the decision to hold the show in the midst of the trial of Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray – charged with the star’s manslaughter – which enraged his singing brothers, Jermaine and Randy.

“We have been planning this concert for quite a while, and the trial dates kept moving,” the site says.

“Unless the trial dates change again the concert will take place a month into the progress of the trial.

“We believe that a concert honouring Michael’s music will remind the world of his genius, and the great loss the world of music has suffered by his untimely death. But the concert and the trial of the doctor have no bearing on each other.”

The firm said of the Jackson family rift: “The Jacksons are a large family with differing views and opinions on how to treat the memory of Michael.

“We believe, and the vast majority of the family believe, that the Michael Forever tribute concert, which will be about Michael’s music, is the best way to do this.

Check back later today for the concert line-up.

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  1. Pearljr August 5, 2011 at 12:49 am - Reply

    Michael Joe Jackson is not dead
    ~No name on his supposed grave
    ~MJ not listed in Forest Lawn burial database
    ~So called crypt hidden away from public view
    Plus 100's of more clues, evidence and proof

    Get the full story in 52-minutes by watching the jaw-dropping documentary "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?" on Netflix tonight, it will BLOW YOUR MIND!
    OH, the date Oct 8th, the same date as this Michael FOREVER Tribute was the same day as the Elvis tribute in which Michael attended and was married to Lisa Marie Presley, but that had not been proven either–the marriage that is. Furthermore, Cardiff which is where this tribute is to take place is also the city of the same name in New York in which the most famous hoax was pulled off. PT Barnum, the greatest show on earth, also copied the hoax of the 10 foot tall faked corpse

    • Glenda Philpot August 5, 2011 at 3:20 pm - Reply

      Whoop Whooooooooop LOvin You Pearljr Say It Guuuurrrrllllllll *smooches*

  2. @debbii1000 August 5, 2011 at 6:04 am - Reply

    It is now 10hrs since we were supposed to be able to 'register' for tickets and their website is still telling us to 'Standby for further announcements'! Angry and disgusted, just doesnt come close to what many of us are feeling today.! How can these promoters be so cold and callous in their treatment of us!

    At least for a couple of hours on Wednesday evening we had an Admin who communicated with us periodically on the FB site. Yesterday evening as the minutes ticked by this 'Admin' had disappeared off the scene. Then we also lost the 'Countdown clock' to be replaced by the 'Standby for further announcements' sign. Then nothing…nothing!!

    This whole set up has been a farce from beginning to end, but to leave us all just hanging with not a clue as to what is happening is beyond belief. Many of are now convinced that this Tribute will most certainly not get off of the ground. How can it when it doesnt have the one thing needed to pay Tribute to our King – the permission of the people who are working so hard to ensure that his legacy is kept safe from just such charlatans!

    After all we have been through as a fanbase, we certainly do not deserve this treatment. Mind you should be be surprised we have already been here several times before – Jermaine's two failed events and an Italian one. It seem that the only Tribute that Michael was destined to have was the one at the Staples centre – his memorial.

  3. Josie August 17, 2011 at 3:32 am - Reply

    If they could hire Foreverland, it would be such an honorable tribute… http://www.foreverlandsf.com

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