Going to work in Cardiff is a risky business

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Explosions, asbestos and occupational diseases are among the incidents that have injured Cardiff employees in the workplace over the past year.

Some staff have been struck by moving vehicles at work, while others have had electric shocks and violent encounters with colleagues.

The alarming incidents are revealed in a new report, which shows workplace injuries in Cardiff have increased by almost a quarter over the past four years.

A total of 556 accidents at work in Cardiff were recorded in 2010-11 – a rise of 108 incidents on four years ago.

More than one in 10 employees who reported accidents had been injured after falling from a height.

The number of reports of staff slipping and falling at work more than doubled over the past four years to 63.

And a total of 73 employees were injured while handling or lifting objects at work – an increase of almost a third over the previous year.

Despite the increase, the number of complaints about health and safety in the workplace has fallen slightly, from 148 in 2009-10 to 155 this year.

The vast majority of complaints – more than 72% – were about dirty working conditions, poor lighting or ventilation standards, or missing fixtures such as floor tiles or wash basins. Employees also complained about noise, transport facilities, musculoskeltal disorders and asbestos.

About 5,750 work places in Cardiff are subject to enforcement by Cardiff council, the report showed.

A total of 1,017 visits were made to premises in 2010-11, including planned visits or visits because of accidents and complaints.

All premises rated as high risk were inspected during the year.

Enforcement measures taken by the council include 532 informal notices, 14 improvement notices and four prohibition notices.

Of the 556 accidents reported in the past year, more than 15% were formally investigated by authorities.

Hazards of the workplace – Some of the worst injuries sustained by staff in workplaces across Cardiff:

  • Five staff members were injured by animals at work
  • Occupational diseases affected five people during 2010-11, and a total of 11 employees over the past four years
  • Six people were struck by a moving vehicle at work in the past four years, including three people in 2010-11
  • One person in the past year was injured through exposure to an explosion, while four staff members were hurt in fires in the workplace
  • Two people complained of exposure to asbestos in the past year
  • A total of 28 employees suffered from violence in the workplace


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