Splott residents in shock after dead dog find

August 4, 2011 1 Comment »
Splott residents in shock after dead dog find

The remains of a dead dog have been found on the streets of Cardiff, shocking nearby residents who had walked past the corpse every day for two weeks.

The animal, thought to be a young Staffordshire bull terrier, was found bound in a tan and cream rug and a blue jacket on the Jubilee Trading Estate in Splott.

Anne Edwards, who reported the grim discovery to police, said the dog had black oil over it and a slit down its chest.

Mrs Edwards, of Sanquahar Street, said: “The whole community is shocked.

“I always walk my dog there, it’s a thoroughfare for everyone here.

“I saw the rug about two weeks ago, all done up like a package. I had my suspicions but thought it couldn’t be a dead animal. I wish I’d looked now.”

The dog-lover added: “On the weekend two local men were coming through the path and knocked it, and the dog’s head fell out. They told me to phone the police there and then.

“We are quite disturbed by it around here, I’ve had a good cry.

“Why would they dump it in such a public place? I wanted to make sure that such an awful act didn’t go unheard of.”

Mrs Edwards added that Cardiff council collected the corpse on Saturday afternoon.

A council spokeswoman confirmed the dog’s body had been recovered from the area.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said it did not have a record of an incident, but said: “It is worrying to hear that a dog may have been the victim of such cruelty, but without the body we are limited in what we can do.

“If anyone is ever concerned about the welfare of an animal, or believes an animal has been subjected to cruelty, we would urge them to contact us immediately on our 24-hour cruelty line 0300 1234 999 so that we can investigate.”

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  1. ceri August 5, 2011 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    cant believe sum 1 done that im shocked an feel so sorry for that poor dog

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