Millennium Stadium achieves sustainability standard

August 9, 2011 1 Comment »

The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff has become the UK’s first ever certifiably sustainable event stadium.

The venue has been certified by engineering standards organisation BSI with the BS 8901 – the standard in sustainability events management.

It confirms the stadium’s commitment to managing the social, economic and environmental impact of events at the Millennium Stadium.

The certificate has been awarded less than a year after the stadium sought to improve its sustainability credentials in line with the standard.

Gerry Toms, manager of the stadium, said: “The Millennium Stadium is leading the way in sustainability throughout the UK events industry and I am extremely proud to receive the British standard.

“To attain the standard ahead of any other UK venue is a fantastic achievement and this is especially impressive when you consider the size and structure of our building, which was built over a decade ago.

“Sustainability has brought its challenges, but with a lot of hard work we have proved that we can run our business more efficiently and build for the future.

“This sends a clear message to all our stakeholders, many of which have also stepped up their commitment to sustainability, and I look forward to the competitive edge the certification will afford us in the UK.”

The stadium uses a unique palletised pitch system to increase its sustainability. It harvests rainwater below the grass beds, re-uses root zones and recycles the 40mm rye-grass turf in rugby clubs throughout South Wales.

Additional design elements include infrared controls fitted in the urinals to prevent unnecessary flushing, meters to monitor energy and water consumption, new LED lighting and lighting controls and alternative methods of water heating to allow boilers to be shut down in summer.

And Compass Group UK, the venue’s caterer, ensures all food is made from locally sourced ingredients.

Viki Bell, portfolio manager for sustainability at BSI, said: “Sustainability is about much more than just being green.

“Gaining certification to BS 8901 demonstrates that an organisation has taken into consideration its social and economic impacts, such as community involvement and fair employment, is securing local investment and long-term viability where possible, as well as reducing carbon emissions and waste, as demonstrated by the Millennium Stadium.”

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  1. Gareth August 10, 2011 at 9:37 am - Reply

    It's not that bad a place to recieve such an award. Whenever these type of awards are given out, they are normally a precursor to failure.

    The pitch is what the stadium is all about and they cannot even get that right. Anyone who gardens knows about grass and how easy it is the maintain. Resurfacing the pitch several times a year is not sustainable. Making excuses about the lack of sunlight is not acceptable. If Gerry Toms, manager of the stadium wanted to earn his wages and all the public money spent on the Stadium he should investigate why the ground is failing so badly to maintain an international pitch to an acceptable standard and not on that wouldn't even be passed as safe for kids at a local park.

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