David Cameron told: ‘Learn a lesson from Cardiff’ in dealing with riots

August 12, 2011 2 Comments »

Cities across the UK should learn how Cardiff has prevented the type of violence that has brought chaos and fear to English neighbourhoods, Liberal Democrat MP Jenny Willott said yesterday.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Prime Minister David Cameron said the Cardiff Central MP was “absolutely right” and any future inquiries should learn lessons from the Welsh capital.

Ms Willott wants the Home Affairs Select Committee to study the work done by Cardiff’s police and community groups to prevent potential riots.

She said: “Inquiries into the horrific violence and criminal behaviour we saw across England over the past week must look at the causes of and response to the riots in those areas.

“But it is equally important to look at how police and communities in Cardiff and elsewhere managed to defuse potential disorder without violence and learn from this too. South Wales Police have done a brilliant job not only over the past week in helping prevent problems, but also in the longer term by helping to build strong links within the community which are vital in helping discourage this type of criminality.”

However, Shadow Welsh Secretary and Labour Neath MP Peter Hain said UK Government spending cuts would result in the loss of 1,000 police in Wales.

And Gary Bohun, chairman of the South Wales Police Federation, described the pressure which Welsh officers are under as they try to help stop violence in England.

He said: “If these savage cuts go ahead, public safety will be compromised and the British police service will not be able to respond effectively to future mass demonstrations or widespread criminality as being currently experienced.”

In the House of Commons, Mr Cameron insisted the issue was where police were deployed – not the overall number of officers.

Jenny Willott MP Police officers carry out a raid to recover property stolen during the recent riots

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  1. Moonirah August 14, 2011 at 11:26 am - Reply

    'Stop Cuts on British Police Force'. SIGN E-PETITION RF610. Assembly: 08450105500. Website: assemblywales.org/gethome/e-peti…

    ’Stop Cuts on British Police Forces’ E-Petition to Welsh Senedd & British Parliament. The British Home Secretary should change course urgently please and stop police cuts.

    British Police Forces can make efficiency savings, however their Budgets are being cut far too much and fast so police forces do not have time to plan plus deliver sustainable change, instead the frontline is being hit. British Police Forces should deliver consistent high quality services every year and this will not be achieved by central dictat. It should be local people who judge whether services received are sufficiently adequate, through the Police & Crime Commissioners. Moreover, it is for Commissioners to determine the strategic priorities of the Police Forces in liaision with Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary, not any Prime Minister of Britain. Also, our own trusted British Chief Police Officers nationwide are more than expert in knowing how to deal with current and future policing issues throughout our four areas of the United Kingdom, therefore we Tax Payers do not wish our money to be spent on paying consultancy fees for any foreign expert, even though such is renowned for success, trustworthy and highly respected by us all. We, the Electorate and Tax Payers were not consulted on the subject matter of engaging an American Specialist to deal with Policing of Britain and now request matters remain with our own British Forces' Chief Officers.

    30,000 police positions are being lost throughout Britain including over 12,500 police officers and more than 16,500 police staff. The Coalition is cutting recklessly and that action could have a real impact on the lives of all people in Wales. Policing of neighbourhoods, domestic violence units, fraud, burglary, diverse squads and criminal investigation units are being affected already. Many forces are losing some of their most skilled and experienced crime fighters with Chief Constables being put in an impossible positions. They are rightly doing everything they can to deliver effective policing but the Coalition is pulling the rug out from underneath them with the unjust scale and illogical pace of cuts being imposed.

  2. ken August 14, 2011 at 3:55 pm - Reply

    i used to call on people from the valleys, and they are kind and lovely people, i am English and they always made me welcome.

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