Depressed Grangetown man knifed his brother

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A Polish immigrant who came to Cardiff to start a new life knifed his own brother because he was depressed at not finding work.

Jobseeker Krzysztof Bronowicki was jailed this week despite pleas from his tearful mother, Mzazana, that he should return home.

Mzazana and her sons, Krzysztof and Grzegorz, came to Cardiff in 2010 looking for work.

But by April this year Krzysztof, 28, was so fed up at not finding a job that he was drinking far too much, the court heard.

When he almost sat on the family’s pet cat at their Penarth Road home there were words, said prosecutor Julian Greenwood.

Bronowicki headbutted and punched his younger brother and put his hands around his throat.

When Mrs Bronowicki hit him over the head with a vase to stop him, he fetched a knife from the kitchen and waved it at them.

Mr Greenwood said: “There was a struggle and his brother was cut to his forehead, jawline and arm as he tried to take the knife from him.

“Mrs Bronowicki ran for a neighbour and they managed to subdue him until police arrived.”

The next morning when Bronowicki admitted threatening his family with the knife, officers at Cardiff Bay police station recorded that he had a black eye and cuts.

Two months later, Grzegorz still had the scars from the blade when he appeared before the court to plead for mercy for his brother.

Yesterday, speaking through an interpreter, their mother even asked Judge Patrick Curran QC whether the court could help find her son work.

“Because that’s what has caused all this trouble,” she said. “I know he has done harm to us but he is my son and I love him very much.”

Bronowicki cried in the dock as his mother spoke.

Just weeks before the knife attack, Bronowicki had appeared before city magistrates for kicking out at an Asda shelf stacker when he was told it was too early to buy alcohol at the Cardiff Bay store.

Judge Patrick Curran QC jailed him for two years for the admitted wounding on Grzegorz.

He told him: “I am not able to comply with your mother’s request. This court has a public duty to deal with acts of violence severely.”

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