Number of Cardiff litter fines fall by 81%

August 12, 2011 2 Comments »
Number of Cardiff litter fines fall by 81%

The number of litter fines issued by Cardiff Council has dropped 81% in four years.

The council issued 79 fixed penalty notices for littering in 2010/11, compared to 409 in 2007/8.

As well as this, just nine dog owners in the city were fined in 2010/11 for letting their dog foul the pavement.

A Keep Wales Tidy spokeswoman said fixed penalty notices could be a useful tool in councils’ fight against litter and dog fouling.

She said: “Whilst education and community engagement is a crucial element to Keep Wales Tidy’s work in promoting behaviour change, we realise that fixed penalty notices are sometimes the only way to prevent people from committing environmental crimes.

“We support local authorities’ legislation which can make people take responsibility for their actions thus reducing litter and making their local area a more pleasant place to live.”

A Cardiff Council spokesman said the drop was due to fines issued under section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 been taken out of the calculations.

He said: “As a large City Authority, there are many competing priorities for our enforcement team and these figures do not adequately reflect the vast amount of work that goes on across the City as they are excluded from the Welsh Government report.

“A complete picture is the 672 fixed penalty notices issued for various offences including household waste, waste carrier licence, commercial waste, littering and dog fouling offences issued in 2010/11.

“Our policy is to educate and warn residents prior to penalisation, which is a last resort. In light of this, the team issued 3341 warning letters in 2010/11 about waste presentation and litter prevention in order to correct behaviour and promote responsible waste ownership.

“As a result this led to the issuing of only 672 fines, meaning 80% of individuals who were notified then corrected their waste presentation habits without the need for fines.”

In 2010/11 Cardiff collected £52,800 in litter fines and £750 from dog fouling.

Of the fines given, five cases have seen people taken to court, with a further 13 cases awaiting court action.

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  1. The Mad Taff August 15, 2011 at 1:56 pm - Reply

    Congratulations to the Cardiff Councils enforcement team, they raised £53,000, at a cost to the public of approximately £200,000.
    A total of 672 fines were issued for the year, great, so how do they account for the 2 ½ tonnes of litter and debris removed from the city centre on a daily basis.
    This section is nothing more than a P.R. stunt and job’s for the boy’s.

  2. dadarse August 15, 2011 at 10:27 pm - Reply

    Pretty poor showing. This could be a self funding activity, with positive benefits to the city environment.

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