Luxurious £1m homes planned for Lisvane

August 30, 2011 2 Comments »
Luxurious £1m homes planned for Lisvane

Plans to build some of Cardiff’s most luxurious new homes have been unveiled in proposals for a major housing development in the city.

A total of 40 two-storey, “executive-style” houses are to be built on a 10-acre site in the Lisvane area of the capital.

Each swanky red-brick home will have six bedrooms – including a master bedroom with an en suite – three bathrooms, and a double garage.

The proposed residential development at Lisvane Road. Images created and provided by Willdig Lammie Partnership Ltd

Planners say the posh houses are expected to go on sale at prices ranging from about £600,000 to just over £1m, based on current market values.

Reacting to the plans, Kelvin Francis, of Cardiff-based Kelvin Francis estate agents, said: “That’s pretty luxurious – anything around a million is special.”

The major housing development is to be built on a site along Lisvane Road, next to Balmoral Close and Hunters Lodge. The development will stretch across both sides of Lisvane Road, comprising of a two-hectare northern site and a 2.2-hectare site to the south.

A roundabout will be constructed on Lisvane Road to accommodate the extra traffic brought by the houses.

A planning application has been submitted to Cardiff council by Carlyle Developments.

Architects Willdig Lammie Partnership Ltd designed the high-end homes for the development.

More than 44 trees will be removed to make way for the stylish houses, including mature ash, oak, sycamore and cherry trees.

Mr Francis compared the ambitious plans to a luxurious gated housing development in Cefn Mably, where apartment prices start at about £800,000.

He said: “£600,000 is a reasonable, middle-upper market home, depending on the location.

“I imagine that in Lisvane the houses should be pretty good and pretty desirable.

“The position is always important – it has the biggest effect on its value.”

Mr Francis said that, despite problems in the housing market for first-time buyers, the development would have an audience.

He said: “Lisvane is a nice area, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t sell.

“I think it’s just people’s aspirations. Not everybody is suffering at the present time, and it’s traditional to put your capital into your house.”

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  1. @stlemur August 30, 2011 at 9:10 am - Reply

    It seems like all we're offered in Cardiff for new homes are spartan one-bedroom flats that lie empty in the Bay or luxury homes no ordinary person can afford. Where are young families supposed to live? If Cardiff Council want this city to grow not just in numbers but in spirit, for its neighborhoods to thrive, for people to make their lives here, we need affordable family homes, not mansions — and if the market won't do it, the Council should step in.

  2. carregbica September 1, 2011 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    I'd rather see the 44 trees than more identikit homes.

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