Drama students show brass for charity calendar

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These students have certainly got some brass – taking their clothes off for a  charity calendar.
The music scholars, from  the Royal Welsh College of  Music and Drama, shed their  clothes to be snapped in  these daring poses in a bid to  raise £700 for charity.

Hannah Caldecott and  friends came up with the  idea while they were celebrating the Royal Wedding  in April and after persuading  others to join them have produced the 2012 calendar.
Monies raised from the  sale of the calendar will go to  the charity Touch Trust,  based at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay,  which offers touch-based  movement education and  dance for visitors with autism, multiple disabilities and  challenging behaviour.
“The idea got brought up  at a barbecue as a joke,” said  Hannah, 21, from Bristol,  who is studying BMus Music  on the French horn at the  Cardiff-based conservatoire.
“The next day I decided to   send round an email to all  the college students about  doing this nude calendar for  charity.
“I had no idea how to start  it up, how it was going to  work or who to contact, but it  was a starting point to see if  anyone would actually do it  and I just thought why not.
“With a few volunteers I  got in contact with the Student Union President and it  went from there. My friend  from London agreed to do  the photography and we  managed to hire out rooms in  the college to hold the  shoot.
“I managed to get enough  volunteers, who are all very  brave and wonderful people.”
Hannah and those involved with the calendar,  which was produced by  Hartley Wil Print, decided  that the money raised should  go to the Touch Trust because of the connection with  the college as students get  the opportunity to work with  the children and learn all  about the charity.
“We really want to raise a  nice chunk on money for a  charity that really deserves  it,” said Hannah. “We need  to sell around 60 calendars  just to pay the Student Union back for the money they  lent me to get the calendars  made. Hopefully if we sell  140 more we will make  around £750 for the charity.
The calendars are £7 each  or two for £12, they are available from The Royal Welsh  College of Music and Drama  Student Union Shop, Castle  Grounds, North Road,  Cranes Music Store, High  Street, Cardiff as well as The  Millennium Centre in the  Touch Trust section of the  building, Cardiff Bay.

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