Radyr Comprehensive School students tour military gadgets factory

November 3, 2011 No Comments »
Students from Radyr Comprehensive School were given a rare behind the scenes tour of a Cardiff-based company which makes gadgets for the military.
As part of a Welsh Assembly Government backed scheme to help students understand the benefits and advantages of being able to communicate in foreign languages in the workplace, the Radyr students were shown around the Headquarters of survival equipment specialists, BCB International Ltd, in the French Language by BCB’s French-speaking PR Manager, Philippe Minchin.
Following the visit Philippe Minchin said: “We were absolutely delighted to welcome the students to our Headquarters.  During their visit the students were shown examples of how being able to communicate in Foreign Languages gives the company a competitive edge.
“BCB International trades in 96 countries and communicating in the customer’s native language increases their confidence in the benefits of doing business with us.
“I would encourage all language students to keep on learning other languages because language skills are very much sought after in companies like BCB International who operate in International markets.”
 The visit was organised by CILT Cymru, a Welsh Government organisation which aims to encourage pupils in Wales to continue to learn languages.

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