Heavyweight David Miliband in town in bid to win back Splott

February 8, 2012 1 Comment »
David Miliband

Sid Carr's pet dog Zanda receives a stroke from David Miliband as he canvassed for upcoming council elections on Moorland Street, Splott.

Political heavyweight David Miliband joined local Labour party members on the streets of Cardiff as they began canvassing for May’s local elections.

The former Foreign Secretary walked the streets of Splott accompanied by a 30-strong entourage of Labour supporters in an effort to win over the ward’s residents.

Mr Miliband, who on Monday warned the looming crisis in youth unemployment could leave a permanent “scar” on Wales, said that he was determined to show the public their concerns would be listened to.

“People want to see parties out on the streets, working hard and talking to people, at times other than just election time,” he said.

“We are still months away from what are very important local elections for the people of Cardiff and by coming out here we are showing them that their concerns will be listened to.”

Mr Miliband, who has taken a back seat in British politics following his defeat to his brother Ed in the Labour leadership contest, said he was hopeful Labour could once again make Splott a party stronghold – and help the group reclaim control of Cardiff council.

During the 2008 elections the Lib Dems had success in the ward, winning a seat in the traditionally Labour area.

“People are coming back to Labour, especially in Wales, because they can see they offer a real alternative to the current powers in Westminster,” Mr Miliband added.

“Welsh Labour came back strongly in last year’s Assembly elections and that was really significant and now we need to build on them in the local elections.

“The issues affecting the people of Cardiff are very similar to those around the rest of the country and that’s what we need to focus on.”

Mr Miliband’s presence on the campaign trail was welcomed by Labour Cardiff South and Penarth AM Vaughan Gething.

Mr Gething said: “Having a recognisable face such as David Miliband turn up at your doorstep mak

ing an effort makes a huge difference.

“People appreciate when senior figures show they are prepared to put in the hard work canvassing.”

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  1. Richard j February 9, 2012 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    I notice they did not send his brother ed that would have increased the Lib Dem Vote. In fact every time Ed Milliband appears on tv and opens his mouth the labour vote drops. Did Dave milliband promise that labour would not put council tax up by 11% a year, i doubt he did.
    That is what happened the last time they were in charge except when there were local elections due and then the increase was tiny. I am sure that was just a coincidence though.

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