Riverside councillor ‘concerned for safety’ after being accused of being anti-Muslim

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Mohammed Islam, councillor for Riverside, with the anonymous letter he received, accusing him of being anti-Muslim.

Mohammed Islam, councillor for Riverside, with the anonymous letter he received, accusing him of being anti-Muslim.

A Cardiff councillor says he is concerned for the safety of his young family after he was sent a “threatening” letter accusing him of being anti-Muslim.

The letter arrived at the home of Riverside’s Plaid Cymru councillor Mohammed Islam, who is Muslim, on Thursday morning.

It makes reference to a police raid on a meeting at Canton Community Hall last month, following concerns from the city’s Muslim community that the group might be affiliated to a banned extremist organisation.

Following the raid, Coun Islam told the Echo he believed many of the group’s members had been “brainwashed” and “radicalised” while in prison for petty crimes.

Coun Islam says he does not know who posted the letter, but said he believed he was being blamed for the interruption of the meeting by police. The two-page letter says he “instigated, plotted and planned against the Muslim community” and says he is an “enemy” of the faith.

“The scholars of Islam are unanimously agreed that whoever supports the kaafirs against the Muslims and helps them in any way is a kaafir like them,” it continues.

Coun Islam, who has a six-year-old daughter and four-year-old son, has reported the incident to the police.

“It’s very threatening to myself personally and to my family,” he said.

“It’s calling for me to stop talking about the Muslim community and if I continue working with non-Muslims then I will be considered anti-Muslim. It is very offensive to say I am an enemy of Islam.

“To send this letter to my family home is wrong.”

He added: “It’s shocking and horrific to me. My wife is worried because we have young children. They are trying to scare me, but I will stick to my principles and I will speak the truth on behalf of the community.”

Coun Islam said that following yesterday’s Friday prayers at Riverside Mosque he was confronted by a group of eight to 10 men. He said the men asked why he had criticised them publicly.

He was not harmed, but reported the incident to police.

A police spokeswoman said: “South Wales Police can confirm we have received a complaint regarding a letter received by a Cardiff councillor. That letter had been recovered by officers for examination.”

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