Seven shopping trollies and a motorbike among 120kg of trash collected from River Taff

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Seven shopping trollies and a motorbike among 120kg of trash collected from River Taff

Seven shopping trollies, a motorbike, a beer barrel, 12 road cones and120kg of metal were just some of the rubbish collected from the banks of the river Taff.
Volunteers from Cardiff Rivers Group collected the haul on Saturday along with 35 bags of rubbish and a space hopper, all the rubbish was disposed of by Cardiff Council’s Park department.
Volunteers were treated to drinks after their event by the local McDonalds restaurant, before rushing off to get changed to watch the rugby. One group member wore a heart monitor to calculate the amount of calories he burned up. The result, two hours of light litter-picking duties burned off 620 calories.
Nigel, said: “I would encourage people to take part in litter-picking as it’s a great form of exercise, improves the environment and you even get thanked by passers-by for your efforts.You can use a litter pick as part of your calorie-controlled diet.”
Louise Tambini, of Cardiff Rivers Group, said: “Today was yet another successful event with a fantastic turnout. I was astonished that so many people came out on a Rugby International day, and even more astonished with how much rubbish we collected.
“I’d like to thank everyone who gave up their morning to help and a special thank you to McDonalds for providing drinks to all the thirsty volunteers and Cardiff Council for collecting the rubbish.”
Cardiff Rivers Group formed in 2009 as part of the Tidy Towns project: a partnership between Keep Wales Tidy and Welsh local authorities. Funded by the Welsh Government it supports the people of Wales to improve the quality of their local environment.

People interested in volunteering should contact Louise on 07824 504790 or e-mail

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