New scheme to recycle Cardiff’s unwanted bikes

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New scheme to recycle Cardiff’s unwanted bikes

The project aims to get more people cycling, and reduce the number of bikes being thrown away

A new scheme to clear up and recycle abandoned bikes is being launched in Cardiff.

Cardiff Council is working with Cycle Training Wales in an effort to increase the number of people who cycle in the city and reduce the number of bikes being thrown away, by repairing and reselling them.

Abandoned bikes will be taken to Cardiff Cycle Workshop on Ely Bridge Industrial Estate, “reconditioned” using new and recycled parts, and sold on in monthly sales at the workshop. Prices will range from £50 for an adult bike to £5 for a children’s bike.

The council said if a bike is found abandoned in the city centre, a notice will be placed on it giving the owner seven days to remove it. If this doesn’t happen, the bike will be taken away and kept for 30 days by Cycle Training Wales before it is recycled.

Bikes can also be donated directly to Cardiff Cycle Workshop, or droppped off at the council’s recycling centres at Waungron Road or Bessemer Close.

The bike sales will be held at the Cardiff Cycle Workshop on the first Saturday of every month, or people can visit the workshop between 10am and 6pm, Tuesday to Thursday. There will also be sales at schools and other community organisations.

All the bikes will be checked over by a qualified mechanic before they are put back on sale.

Rob Corp, the council’s operation manager for the city centre, said the scheme allowed his team to tackle the issue of unwanted bicycles while giving something back to the community.

He said: “By recycling them, more people have access to good quality, value for money bikes and can enjoy cycling as a hobby or regular method of transport.”

Jon Howes, from Cardiff Cycle Workshop, added:”We always need bikes to refurbish and we can help keep the city centre tidy at the same time. “

For more information about the scheme, visit Cardiff Cycle Workshop’s website.

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