Card skimming devices found on Cardiff cash points

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Card skimming devices found on Cardiff cash points

Criminals are using sophisticated card skimming devices to scam city cashpoint customers out of money.

Hundreds of people may have had their personal details stolen through a fake card reader installed at a cash machine on Clifton Street in Adamsdown.

Police are also investigating a device found at a machine on Wellfield Road, Roath.

The first device was found on a LloydsTSB bank cashpoint on Easter Sunday and is now being analysed by specialist forensic scientists for DNA which could link it to known fraudsters.

Police are investigating card skimming devices, like this one, on Clifton Street and Wellfield Road

Three days later police were also called to Wellfield Road after reports of “suspicious activity” at a Barclays cash machine.

A customer had handed what appeared to be a card-skimming device into the bank before alerting the force.

Skimming machines are devices attached to cash machines which take personal data from users which can then be used by criminals.

In 2010, cashpoint crime – including card skimming – cost a total of £33.2m across the UK.

Detectives are now reminding members of the public to remain vigilant whenever they use cash machines.

James O’Donnell, South Wales Police’s Community Safety Manager, said: “On April 8 a skimming device was found on a cash machine in Clifton Street.

“Officers removed the item which is being examined by crime scene investigators.

“The machine is fitted with an anti-skimming device.

“At around 9am on Wednesday, April 11, a report was received of suspicious activity around a cash machine on Wellfield Road.

“Officers attended and recovered a sticky-backed silver plastic strip which had been found on the floor and handed into the bank.

“CCTV has been checked and there is no evidence to suggest this was used to attach a cloning device to the cash machine.”

If you notice anything suspicious please report it to your bank and to the police immediately.

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