Bus disruption to Westgate Street during fortnight of road works

April 14, 2012 3 Comments »
Bus disruption to Westgate Street during fortnight of road works

Westgate Street will close for a fortnight from Monday

Cardiff Bus has released details of where customers can catch their buses when Westgate Street closes for a fortnight on Monday.

Westgate Street will close for two weeks from April 16 so the council can carry out resurfacing works, and install electronic bollards ahead of Olympic football events in the Millennium Stadium this summer.

The north section of the road, nearest to Castle Street, will close for eight days from Monday, with residents, businesses, delivery vehicles and taxis forced to access the road from Wood Street.

On April 24, the south section of Westgate Street, at the junction with Park Street, will close and people will have to access the area using Castle Street.

The road is expected to reopen fully on April 30.

As well as causing considerable concern among businesses about disruption to trade, and inconvenience for residents, there will also be changes to many bus routes which stop on Westgate Street, and those which use it as a route into Cardiff central bus station.

Cardiff Bus said today it is trying to keep disruption to a minimum, and that many of the changes which will be made are the same as those put in place during major events in the city centre.

It has published a full list of 45 effected services, and where people can catch their bus from during the works. See the details here.

A spokesman added: “Detailed information on the changes can be found on our website and at our customer service centre on Wood Street. We have also issued posters on bus stops around the Westgate Street area, and have been leafleting on Westgate Street itself to ensure that bus users are aware of the changes. If anyone is unsure about the arrangements during this time, we can answer specific queries via our Facebook and Twitter pages, and in our customer service centre.”

Stagecoach, which runs services from the central bus station, has also released details of alterations to its services, which will terminate at Greyfriars Road during the work. Full details for those buses can be found here. Newport Bus services will also start and finish in Greyfriars Road.

Cardiff Council said the work was “essential maintenance” which will vastly improve the road service for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and bus passengers.

A spokeswoman said access for businesses would be maintained throughout the work, and staff will be on the street over the next fortnight to provide information regarding changes to bus services.

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  1. Ray April 15, 2012 at 12:33 pm - Reply

    Why, oh why, did they ever close St Mary Street? Talk about short-sighted!
    Not only has it removed a backup route to Westgate Street, but it has emptied Lloyd George Avenue of traffic (supposed to be the principle artery to the Bay) and stuffed all that traffic down the old, narrow streets of Grangetown.
    Strangers using Westgate St and wanting to get to Newport have no way of accessing Callaghan Square and have to go into Grangtown – but how are they supposed to deduce that?
    All round, it's a crazy scheme, made worse by the 'bus box' system. How much it must have cost, I dread to imagine! Money (our money) seems to be no object. Just re-open St Mary Street and reinstate the previous bus stops.

    • Tom Westerner April 16, 2012 at 4:21 pm - Reply

      What rubbish. How is letting more traffic into the city centre down St Mary Street a good thing? Has no one noticed that St Mary's Street is better now that there is no traffic down there?
      People love to moan. Roadworks are necessary, they improve the road surface. It's no big deal – stop whining.

  2. Mary April 27, 2012 at 12:43 am - Reply

    I take it that there will be new pedestrian crossings in Westgate Street ??

    I hope they are not like the one at the junction of Lower St Mary Street/Wood Street, or like the one on Kingsway. They are much too wide, and do not give you much chance of getting across the road in time unless you run.

    Any comments on this ??

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