ELECTION 2012: ‘We’re about more than litter, dog mess and pot holes’ say Welsh Communists

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ELECTION 2012: ‘We’re about more than litter, dog mess and pot holes’ say Welsh Communists

From left to right, Catrin Ashton, Welsh Communist candidate in Merthyr Tydfil, Robert Griffiths, Welsh Communist candidate for Splott, Rick Newnham, secretary of the Communist Party of Wales and candidate for Grangetown, and David Brown, Welsh Communist candidate in Blaenavon

The Welsh Communists are about more than litter, dog mess and pot holes, its candidates declared yesterday as they launched their local election manifesto in Cardiff.

The party – which is fielding four candidates in Adamsdown, Grangetown, Pentwyn, and Splott on May 3 – launched its manifesto with a central message that public investment is needed instead of cuts.

General secretary of the Communist Party of Britain Robert Griffiths, who is also the Welsh Communist candidate for Splott, said the party’s candidates would be prepared to stand up and represent residents on the big issues.

Mr Griffiths said: “We are going through the biggest cuts in public services for 60 years, the biggest drop in living standards for 60 years, and yet Labour’s top election pledges are we oppose litter, dog mess and pot holes. Tory pledges are the same.

“We oppose dog mess, litter and pots holes – I can’t imagine there is any candidate standing who is in favour of them – but there’s nothing about public spending cuts, a huge need for affordable housing, nothing about Cardiff’s unemployment rate. “

Grangetown candidate Rick Newnham said the Welsh Communists want to see more democracy at street and community level in Cardiff, and the party believe Cardiff Council should campaign for a Welsh parliament with “full economic and fund-raising powers”.

The party also outlined 10 specific policies for Cardiff:

– More public sector housing at affordable rents.
– A compulsory take-over of empty office accommodation
– An integrated public transport system linking buses, rail and Cardiff airport.
– Oppose the Splott incinerator – use safer, cleaner technology and increase recycling
– A council-led drive for jobs and facilities for disabled workers
– More funding for domestic violence refuges
– Higher council tax rates for top-band properties
– No more outsourcing or privatisation of council services
– Careful use of council reserves to protect jobs and services
– A tight cap on councillors’ allowances and expenses.

Read the Welsh Communist Party’s full election manifesto here.

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