Half of streets vote against Olympic residents parking

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Half of streets vote against Olympic residents parking

Parts of Cornwall Street in Grangetown could become residents-only parking, with plans going out to consultation in several areas.

Cardiff residents have voted against residents parking in more than half of the roads earmarked as part of an Olympic-backed scheme.

In February, Cardiff Council wrote to 2,276 households to say that resident-only parking could be introduced in their street as a “Games legacy”.

The authority said the scheme, which will be funded by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG), would ensure residents have access to parking spaces during Olympic events in Cardiff, with the Millennium Stadium hosting 11 Olympic football matches between July 25 and August 10.

But the council said it would like to keep the residents’ parking in place afterward, as a “Games legacy for Cardiff”.

56 streets were put forward for the initiative, but in 30 of those roads less than half the residents were in favour of the plans.

Canton saw the biggest no vote, with 10 out of 13 streets voting against.

Canton Labour councillor Ramesh Patel said the number of streets coming back as against the change shows local councillors had been right to question the council’s plans.

He said: “I think there’s been quite a large number of streets that have been basically refused and that’s what we expected in the beginning.

“Why did they need to look at the streets when we could have told them there was no call for residents’ parking.

“I think the council was wrong to do that.”

Riverside saw three streets with over 60% in favour, three with 50 %to 59% in favour and two streets against the scheme.

Riverside Plaid Cymru councillor Mohammed Islam said he welcomed residents views, with most of those consulted in the ward coming back broadly in favour of residents’ parking.

He said the plan was to send the three streets where between 50% and 60% in favour out to consultation. Where the residents’ response is at this level, it is left to ward members to decide if the plans go on to formal consultation.

He said: “I think they should have that as the surrounding streets are going to have (residents’ parking), so they’re going to get a big impact if it goes ahead.”

Grangetown also saw a mixed response with 13 strongly in favour

Grangetown’s Liberal Democrat councillor Francesca Montemaggi said she had been working to ensure information about the changes went out to residents so they could make their views known.

She said: “Talking to residents in some areas the need is badly felt. In others there really wasn’t (the same need), which really shows that you can’t just decide on big areas.”

She said for roads with a 50% to 60% positive response, she was inclined to shelve the plans for the time being, as the roads were small and the response was low.

Cardiff Council operational manager Paul Tomas confirmed consultations would not be going ahead for roads that voted between 50 and 59% in favour in Grangetown but would go ahead for Greenfield Ave in Canton where 53% were in favour because of a previous petition in the road.

He said the formal consultation will be advertised from Monday, with work planned to start on roads where there are no upheld objections on June 8, with enforcement from July 8.

View Cardiff Olympic Parking in a larger map

Street Area % In Favour Going on to consultation
Daisy St Canton 33 No
Ethel St Canton 35 No
Fern St Canton 43 No
Forrest Rd Canton 20 No
Greenfield Ave Canton 53 Yes
Ivy St Canton 10 No
Nesta Rd Canton 25 No
Romilly Rd West ( Victoria Park – Ivy St ) Canton 33 No
Romilly Rd West (Ivy St – Clive St) Canton 60 Yes
Turner Rd Canton 0 No
Victoria Ave Canton 18 No
Victoria Park Rd East (Cowbridge Rd – Forrest Rd) Canton 83 Yes
Victoria Park Road East (Forrest Rd – Romilly Rd West)Road Canton 31 No
Avoca Pl Grangetown 0 No
Bedwas St Grangetown 60 Yes
Bishop St Grangetown 50 No
Chester Place Grangetown 75 Yes
Chester St Grangetown 36 No
Compton Rd Grangetown 22 No
Cornwall St (Clare Rd – Stafford Rd) Grangetown 100 Yes
Cornwall St (Dorset St – North Clive St Grangetown 80 Yes
Cornwall St (Stafford Rd – Dorset St) Grangetown 43 No
Court Rd (Allerton St – Stafford Rd) Grangetown 80 Yes
Court Rd (Stafford Rd – Hereford St) Grangetown 25 No
Devon Place Grangetown 30 No
Devon St Grangetown 24 No
Dorset St Grangetown 41 No
Hereford St Grangetown 33 No
Jubilee St Grangetown 73 Yes
Machen St Grangetown 0 No
Maitland Pl Grangetown 0 No
North Clive St (Cornwall St – Avoca Place) Grangetown 33 No
North Clive St (Lucknow St – Cornwall St) Grangetown 64 Yes
North Clive St (Penarth Rd – 57) Grangetown 62 Yes
Rookwood St Grangetown 50 No
Rudry St Grangetown 71 Yes
Rutland St Grangetown 25 No
Somerset St Grangetown 18 No
Stafford Rd (Clare Rd – Cornwall St) Grangetown 86 Yes
Stafford Rd (Cornwall St – Court Rd) Grangetown 80 Yes
Stafford Rd (Court Rd – Wedmore Rd) Grangetown 13 No
Ty Nant Street Grangetown 75 Yes
Van St Grangetown 25 No
Virgil St Grangetown 50 No
Warwick Pl Grangetown 0 No
Warwick St Grangetown 21 No
Wedmore Rd (Monmouth St – No 15) Grangetown 75 Yes
Wedmore Rd (Virgil St – No 17) Grangetown 56 No
Beacon St Riverside 100 Yes
Bloom St Riverside 45 No
Conway Rd (Aquila Court – Romilly Cres Riverside 100 Yes
Conway Rd (Mortimer Rd – Aquila Court) Riverside 55 Yes
Llandaff Rd (Romilly Rd – Pencisely Rd) Riverside 54 Yes
Llanfair Rd ( Llandaff Rd – No 38) Riverside 64 Yes
Llanfair Rd (No44 – Penhill Rd) Riverside 54 Yes
Meadow St Riverside 33 No

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    I live in one of these streets and wasn't aware that there was a vote to be held.
    Are there details of the return rate (turnout) available?

    • Your Cardiff April 24, 2012 at 1:47 pm - Reply

      Looking into this for you – trying to get hold of figures so will get back to you asap.

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